Roll On: Cikgu Afifah, LOL (part 5)

Sep 19, 2016

I felt utterly lack of energy. Like negative. My head hurts a little and i am so hungry but i don't know why.

I have one more class. The students were bearable but I am so not in the mood for teaching even though we are quite left behind. Apparently there is this modul we need to finish that would took my class time. We don't even finish our silibus yet! It was asked so sudden like whyyyyyy.

I feel bad for the teachers needing to do this last minute work. There are more of these apparently. There should be more teachers to accomodate all this work. All this plans were really good but it is nonsense to be adding work but not the people to do it.

I should really think what to do with the kids in my next class.

This is the first day after one week holiday and there are a lot of student didn't finish their homework or simply doing it quite badly.

I need to figure out how to help them!

p/s: i start doing this supernatural edits and put it in my Instagram.

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