Roll On: Cikgu Afifah, LOL (part 6)

Sep 29, 2016

So, i got over those holiday feels and was all over finishing the moduls and the sillibus. We are so delayed for sejarah but i don't want to over pushing it. It felt utterly wrong since the kids wouldn't be reading it much and a brief introduction from the teachers would help so much. Been there, done that!

I want to share some short encounters that made me happy somehow.

1. The raver (idc if i spell wrong. It was this weird dance moves trending these days)

This one student saw me made weird hand gestures (i was playing around with the otherss) and say "cikgu mcm raver". That was so insulting it was making me laughing for how they don't know me. I say that i am not. Then the other student thought i was something a hipster. So naturally i asked for the difference.

"Raver tu macam nari nari. Hipster tu mcm style la pakai smart smart"

No, hispters are hippies.

2. Peniru (like those nicknames in Need For Speed, Liar 1)

Of course the kids will copy their homework. I was being all jovial bout it and was highlighting it was wrong. Correcting some sentence contruct. I was like,

"Nak tiru pon tirula jawapan yang betol!"

Disclaimer: This class was the weak ones so I was aiming that they at least do it. I am not promoting cheats.

3. One who were more annoying.

There are this two boys with wits that was cute and downright annoying. But they were not close friend. They like to chat with their good friend whom of course sitting in the chair beside them each. I switch their seats that both of them sit together. They don't chat much, HOORAY. But they start to play around and idling and started this game whom was more annoying. They are adorable.

4. Karbon monoksida.

We were reading about jerebu and how the smokes from vehicles are dangerous due to carbon monoxide. I start shares bout how the westerners killing themselves by choking on this gas. Then, i tought "eh, kenapa cikgu ajar cara bunuh diri ni". They, well, of course laugh it out and excited though on how to do it. I told them bout the garage version and settling by saying that "kat malaysia tak pakai garaj so tak boleh nak buat".

My weakness is that i felt sorry when they do questionable things. They just don't understand.

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