Roll On: Aiken and my Acne

Nov 22, 2016

I've just noticed that some peoples found my blog to learn on my opinion regarding Aiken product.

I didn't do enough justice on the product review which I've done ages before (read it HERE). It worked at that time when my breakout was not as bad as when I started on isotretinoin.

Ok. Since i've studied about skin problems during my time in UKM, i'll try to get that input as well. This might help somehow to understand the product use better.

But, first of all, sorry! All the keywords used was actually in BM but this blog is in English and I don't want to change it really.

Aiken is a rather cheap drugstore product that I chose to start when I got this realization to get myself a good skincare routine. The products was mainly using tea tree oil which is a great natural sort of desiccant material, that help to dry out your pimple. It also has bactericidal activity (kill the bacteria on your skin, but not as strong as say, benzoyl peroxide). It is like those benzoyl peroxide cream but much more lighter and well, natural product.

Ok, just fyi, not all "natural product" is good. It simply meant the product was used whole, ie, all the tea tree oil component taken from living organisms (plant, microorganisms). Benzoyl peroxide is not natural because it is specifically an isolated chemical named benzoyl peroxide and it is made in the laboratory meaning they have this stuff and this stuff add those blahblahblah and eureka!

The Aiken product was meant for acne prone skin. That would mean the product has some sort of anti-acne activity which in this case by the use of tea tree oil.

Next, to be called as anti acne product, usually, the nature of the product will not be occlusize or blocking the pores. It would also meant non-oily or water based. Basically, the product was designed not to cause more acne breakout as clogged pores and oily faces tends to increase the chances for acne breakout.

I personally love this product. It works really well with my sensitive skin. It is very light in texture and for a girl who doesn't really used to have things on their faces, Aiken kind of felt natural. It also have faint sweet fragrance that I also grow to love.

To use any of this product, you must understand the type of skin you have. You may need to opt out some product or tone down the usage based on your skin. This is rather tricky. Due to my acne and well, oily face, I thought my skin was the oily type. Turns out it really is not. After taking isotretinoin and I have my acne cleared, I then realised I actually have dry skin.

Even now, I'm not using isotretinoin and have some breakout (it's kind if along story but rest assured that if you want to try isotretinoin I REALLY REALLY DO SUGGEST IT) even though i'm still having dry skin. Yeah, turns out i'm just prone to acne.

Fun fact!

When we have dry skin, the body react by producing more oil. This will make the skin, well, not dry. That is what happened to me. My sister got an actual check on her skin type and she was also like me. She thought her acne was due to her oil type skin.

Oil does cause acne breakout. But dry skin and oily skin would have different skincare routine.

So she changes her routine and it help!

Why this is important?

That particular point would help understand my opinions on three Aiken product i'll be reviewing: moisturiser, toner and tea tree oil. I'll also try to suggest what to do if you get either dry or oily skin.
However, I will not do it now because it would be another long essay.

I'll do it separately.

Care to wait?


  1. Congrats for graduating! I have oily and acne-prone skin type. Can't wait for those new updates.

    1. Thanks for the wish and thanks for waiting. Btw, make sure to do your own study about your skin type as well.

  2. I've found out about low ph cleanser here now I know why some ppl used feminine wash because it has low ph