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Nov 20, 2016

I am fairly sure the acronym TED is purposely made because of the word Teddy as if in Teddy Bear.

Well, of course not. Not when it actually stand for Technology, Entertainment and Design. TED talks is this conference where cool people of all sort of background shared about their idea, hence TED tagline, "Ideas Worth Spreading".

The first time I come across TED is because of this genius in beatbox-er named Tom Thum. Angah found out about him and showed me the video. At that time, she told me briefly about TED being this conference where people talk stuff. Like important and serious kind of stuff. For God sake, the sponsors were Rolex and BMW, those high end people. I was like "so stuck up peoples are there and this Tom Thum guys is going to beatbox?". He must be really really good, yeah, you can be good in beatbox, but how you're going to introduce it to this kind of crowd and what the heck you're going to present. Beatbox all the way? It is not a club. So I watched it.

I was making the right decision, he was good. 

click HERE

Basically, the peoples in TED are genuinely passionate about their work. But not only that, they need to be able to have good content and deliver it greatly. I always love to see how people are constantly in love with what they do. It made their presentation 10 times better.

I always believe to be with people who has achieved so that we always want to achieve. It is hard though. Mainly because, among my friend and I is that I noticed, we were always feel intimidated with successful peoples. We would feel small and anxious that we could never be like them. Instead of becoming motivated to find something we want to be great in, we would scoot away and sort of admire from afar such that we can only do that. 

We are not, you're awesome. Success is not fame and fortune. Success is being content.

Ok, that is so long and i'm not even close to what I want to write today. It was supposed to be a short introduction of what TED is and followed with REVIEWING TED APPS.

So good day, yada yada, today, I'm going to share with you about TED amazing app.

Having said how awesome TED is, it is getting better with TED app which made scrolling all the talks easier.

the playlist

This playlist is made by TED, not me. As you can see in the picture, they have all sort of talks and yeah, an hour and half is a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong way to go. Actually, it is the duration of all combined videos under the said topic (see those numbers on how many talks each topic has?).

Actually, the far left choice, before the Playlist choice, is the Home option. It would suggest videos that I might be interested in based on the video I have seen. I always like computers to suggest things for me since they always know me better.

But the coolest thing is that, even with the diverse topics, this app actually make it easier to find videos that you want by selecting certain topic and duration you want.

you can always just search anything that piqued your interest.

i would suggest to set the duration for at least 15 minutes because choosing shorted than that
will end up with small choices only.

The also have the list of all the speakers/performers who has delivered with the description of their career. Sometimes I'll go through the speakers names and choosing peoples based on their job. They can be all sort of jobs like Moustache Activist to Critical Thinker and the "mundane" ones like historian, architect, painter, journalist, lunch lady etc. It is not really jobs but some way to describe what kind of people they are. They even have kids which one of them described as being a Child Prodigy (i am reading An Abundance of Katherines right now so bless me because I actually knew this term upon reading this novel). 

All the videos has short but concise description so you can be sure if it is the
kind of video you want to watch. As you can see there, you can download it!

All videos has been captioned so no worries ey. Not only that, you can keep on scrolling the app and have the talk played in background. It does not play once you close the app though.

I am suggesting you guys to download this app and give it a go. Stop scrolling all those social medias for nothing and start feeding our minds with ideas. It doesn't have to be things you need, it is just simply understanding peoples around the globes and expand your mind. Like for example, this Benjamin Zander guy who has made me wanting badly to go to an orchestra even though I have very limited knowledge of classical music. He is just that good.

watch the video HERE

p/s: Did you know young Heath Ledger is simply a definition of heartthrob. You don't? You should really watch 10 Things About I hate About You.

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