Roll On: Random Pictures taken by a Redmi 1S

Oct 22, 2016

Hey, this post gonna be just pictures taken by my smartphone, Le Redmi 1S.

I have done a review about my smartphone and compared it to Redmi 2S (click HERE)

Redmi 3S has been released though. mehh.

Open in new tab so you can see how clear the picture could be. Redmi 1S cost me RM300, just fyi. So don't put a bar up high.

using superwide lens

i don't think this is a good superwide lens though.

can you see the light in the sky (to which i point). we don't know wth is that. maybe genting?

visiting pharmaceutical company

as you can see, it could not get a decent picture of a moving subject. in this case, cute little jog. 

my coursemates. it's kind of family day event for our faculty

i was on a motorcycle (passenger). the BM one's was also not making any sense.

we lured them with bread crumbs!

Jabatan Kesihatan was crazy on fogging during the dengue fever break out.

there wasn't any filter used. it looks that way because i was taking the picture through a tinted glass on the other side of the building.

our little adventure for dinner. i miss these moments!

the newly done Masjid Kampung Baru.

The dreamy Fraser Hill

i was showing of the lipstick we tried on at Guardian before. eheh,

Le rugrats at a farm in Fraser Hill.

We were at IKEA and i wanted a grown-up scene picture. The handbag was covering the price tag. LOL.

First time trying their food.

Visiting Semenyih Eco Park

My study table at UKM. 

That is it!