Roll On: My Dorky and Quirky Lookbook

Jan 24, 2017

I was going through my old photos in the spirit of being organized and get the inspiration to do this. Actually, I was thinking to have the important pictures uploaded here since this blog is literally my diary. Some pictures were really mundane but held so many precious memories behind it. But for now, how about a little lookbook of what I wore during my time in UKM.

Lectures would have me wore lots of baju kurung since we have to strictly wear only formal clothes. Since that leads to such a dull repetition of clothing, I didn't take so many pictures of me in baju kurung.

The title has actually spoken tons behind my choose of attire. I am not the biggest fashion sense person and truly, I didn't have the heart to buy those expensive clothes when the ones I have worked just as fine. I do realize I should be since I am "going" to work in a formal atmosphere and of course I wouldn't want to wear baju kurung all the time. Imagine the trouble.

This thing is kinda a big deal for me. I learn a lot about myself simply by the things I wore in my years in UKM. It took me those first three years to understand how I want to look and what suited me. Not only in the sense of the type of clothing but also the size and cutting. Seriously folk, a woman attire is a puzzle itself. 

I start wearing these kinds of muslimah t-shirts in UKM since there are lots of t-shirts you gotta buy 
for all sorts of programs and they always have muslimah t-shirt option. This t-shirt particularly is my favorite and that is my best-tudung-malas-ever which I got about four years ago.

This is not me, if you can't tell already. This is how lab coat of a pharmacy student at UKM  looks like. I just want to show that. 

This is our corporate shirt. Pharmacy in UKM tends to change the turquoise shade a bit different for each batch.
I don't know why. As you can see, the shirt cutting isn't really flattering on me and I'd love if it is a bit longer. See how much a mess I am with that tudung because I'm such a loser with tudung bawal. Now, if I ever want to look decent with a tudung bawal,  I can't wear any kind of small scarf under it and strictly wore it down ONLY.

This is what I wore during our third-year college dinner. No one really cares about college dinner and usually go all out for faculty dinner. However, I wore such a casual attire since the theme allows it. I don't remember what theme is it. This is my first time trying a decent two-piece. The ones with cardigans don't count! That is actually that maternity kind of shirt which is just ridiculous on me so I thought it will look better if I wore it this way. It does!

My first ever trying this feminine kind of floral printed shawl and totally in love at how it makes me look softer somehow. Actually, I got this one as a gift since I always lend my scooter to the girl who sells this.
That cardigan is getting baggy by time since it was a cheap one but I like the fabric and the cutting so so much. I always have a cardigan since I hate to change to a long sleeve t-shirt every time I went out for simple things like lunch or dinner.

This is the baju kurung that made me realize; do I have a thing for printed baju kurung instead of those fancy plain and intricate pattern? You see, I just don't feel true to myself wearing those plain patterned baju kurung. Btw, see what I did there, red shirt and blue scarf? I'm hinting Superman vibes.

That blouse is made of those fabric used to make a blazer. Quite thick and rough but the sturdiness make me look good at all time. It was Mak's. I always match it with a faded colored bottom like that jeans since apparently, I don't like if my pant/skirt having the same colour with my shirt.

Looky looky, i'm colour coordinated. Usually I will try not to be so colour coordinated because it felt boring to be in same-color-different-shades. Anyhow, this is the coat we wore during our clinical attachment, basically when we meet patients. I know right, we have all kind of coat for all kind of even. In UKM, all three course: pharmacy, medic and dental, actually owned different kind of coat. 

I was going to submit my thesis for good. Here I am, at my simplest form. Donning my tudung malas, a simple t-shirt and my favorite black jeans. You know how shocked I am when I learned that most of my friends in UKM don't even own a jean? I practically live with jeans.

A fun day out! I like that shirt so much for the color and the way it fit me. Sincerely, I don't own good formal shirt that much really.  My shoes was actually a canvas shoe made to look like a combat boot. It is so comfortable. Even with such choices of shoes, I never look myself to dress boyishly. 

As you can see by now, I am a shawl kind of girl.  I decided so when I was in third year I guess?
This is my ultimate lazy looks. Why? It is not a baju kurung actually screams malas and since no ironing is needed. I remember woke up that morning and just not wanting to iron anything but must look formal since it is OSPHE day. That flowy skirt, I forget what it called, is made of lycra and just fell onto your body.
I don't wear it that much now since it makes me look bigger.

Cliche en gambar with meds. Haha. Anyway, this is the only plain, fancy patterned at the bottom and of course pastel coloured baju kurung that I have. The only reason I owned this because I have an aunty who always give us the fabric to make into baju kurung and since she actually sells it, she would always have the trendy ones.

That skirt is my go-to-everywhere since it looks a bit preppy which gives the illusion, I give some thought onwhat I'm wearing today although really I didn't. It also accentuates my figure thus make me look even better. Again, all no-need-iron look and I am going on a day trip so of courseI would wear my comfiest t-shirt. 

Oh my, all these old photos makes me feel nostalgic. As I was looking through the photo I realized how much I have change. My acne was so much better and looking at the old pictures of selfies I have, even with tons of acne, made me so proud of myself being able to just ignore that and have fun. Be that as it may, deep down I know how hurtful I am and remembering those feeling was just heart-breaking. My shawl game has improved so much as well and I am so glad I know better now how to dress. Most importantly being confident with it.

Confidence is the new sexy.


How about you guys? What is the one thing that would be the most important characteristic of your look?

p/s: I have made my mind to always have a Supernatural gif in all of my post. Consider it as a branding effort. 


  1. Well, I rarely wear baju kurung as my course wasn't that strict about our attire.

    It looks like you're becoming a mature lady (on fashion) by time and I think I'm just like you, well most girls are, right? :)

    1. Different course different need I guess and yes, mature is a word for it.

  2. baju kurung and tudung bawal is ma life lol XD I don't know when I'm gonna start wearing (or trying) a shawl ._. and I love those Muslimah shirts too :')

    1. if only it's relevant to wear baju kurung everywhere then I'd totally do it! I got some that is so comfortable and I'd just wear them everywhere. but still hating tudung bawal.


  3. I don't wear baju kurung at all and never will.

    1. I'm so glad you've assured this.

    2. But looking for someone wearing baju kurung.

  4. Since working with tshirt services company, I didnt wear any baju kurung too, just jeans. and blouse, or maybe some rejected tshirt. Haha.

    1. tshirt is so my go to as well. and jeans. working at a tshirt company sure serve as a very good reason to wear tshirt all the time. hehe

  5. You girls so lucky sebab boleh bergaya with various fashion style! Ajim here!

    1. hi ajim. i think it worked both as lucky and bad luck. to keep up with all those is just so much work.