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Jan 4, 2017

Roll On: New Year, New Look.

Assalammualaikum and a very good day. As Sherlock have said in the newly aired Season 4, if it is a good day, have an ice lolly would ya?


Anyway, I am just finding petty excuses to update something because I'm just itching for it but don't really have a good topic in mind. I just have my blog re-design, yet again. It is a totally new look. I want to look more professional, like an actual website with actual blogger. Hence this theme. It is FREE. Check the credits to see where I got it. Do check out the social medias link there as well because it is freaking ah-mazing!

This responsive theme work magnificently on mobile devices and that alone made me so happy.

However, I have accidently deleted the recent post widget that has come along with this themes so I use a new one which I found HERE.

I have finally had my own blog list which is initially meant to be those segments I have won, but I've been lazy now so I add some blogs that I sincerely enjoy reading.

How is 2017 been so far? I got to go for another trip to Selangor this Friday. Already feeling the troublesomeness but nonetheless excited to meet my relatives there. We just met last Monday. Lulz.

But seriously, is this new look ok?

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  1. I love the socialize button below!!! *plays with the hover*

  2. your new theme looks so good!! happy new year!

    1. thanks, it really does right? happy new year to you too.

  3. Looks good for me. (mobile). Nice one indeed. 👍

  4. The new look is nice and awesome ;)

    1. thanks and thanks again for using the word awesome ;)

  5. Your new blog is easy to navigate. Good job!
    FYI, my blog has changed url. Please re-follow me at atheeradayana.com
    Thank you!