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May 10, 2017

Segment - Want a Dedicated Blog Post For You? (has ended!)

I just checked that I have reached 111k page views already! If anyone actually notices, I was only getting into the vibe of blogging community last November and even so, it was still somewhat on/off thing. Bear in mind I have been blogging for more almost 6 years now so a 100k page view is such a long long long goal overdue. 

I even targeted 80k page views by early December which I failed miserably.

But alas! 111k y'all!!

Funnily, I got 444 followers and everyone knows that is such an unlucky numbers. Well, of course, I don't believe it but still - a funny notion.

So I'm throwing this short segment but it is only for new followers.

The Rules -

1. Follow my blog.
2. Comment it here.
3. This segment ends when I reach 455 followers 

Basically, one of the next ELEVEN followers will be randomly chosen for a special featured post reviewing their blog and stay on my slider thingy for a week.

Is that good enough reward? I am too broke to be giving out present okay.

Anyway, I'm behind schedule on revising books for my twt_buku curator task so goodbye for now!

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  1. already follow here. tapi nak komen jugak >,<

  2. alalala, sedih sistur sebagai follower lama tak dpt join . hehehe

  3. good luck sista!

    akak xlayak join la plak dah kalau dak dah dapat adiah..haha

  4. Comment it here! Hahaha. Anyway, congratulations! I'm sure things will get a lot more happening after this. :D

  5. Why only new followers....!!! I want to join too...! D:

  6. Assalamualaikum,

    I'm your new follower #445.


    nice to know you, Afifah.

  7. hi saya new followers 446!
    tahniah dh cecah 100k pageviews :D

  8. Only for new followers? *criesariveratacornerofmybed

  9. Woah. congrats kak pah. And good luck on your segmen <3 hehe

  10. wuuuhuuu! Congrats, Kak Pah! :D <3

  11. Hello, new person! Just followed you. Thought I'd give it a try and hope to get lucky enough to be picked! Was in a long hiatus (pregnancy, busy work, etc.) and dengan harapan, by following you, I get to meet up some new bloggers.

    Nice to meet you, pretty lady.


  12. can I join if I unfollow and follow back your blog lol
    just kidding xD

    btw, congrats for hitting 111k views!

  13. done follow. new follower here, new viewer here, new reader here. btw congratulation for reaching 100k views

  14. haii, im your new followers which is no 449 >.<

    its really nice to know you.

  15. congrats :)) follow sini jugak hihi

  16. hi, i am your #453 follower. nice to know you. Join.

    btw, congrates for your 111k views :) keep blogging and stay positive.

  17. hi, sha followers yang ke 454 :D

  18. #455 ! New follower and new readers ;D

  19. saya follow sini http://mulan-sahbanu.blogspot.my

  20. Lea here..
    Singgah sini n follow.. #458


  21. Baru mau nngis td sbb terlepas segment ni tapi rupanya for new follower. argh. kena prank skali lagi. hahahaha. kbai. baru dpt blogwalk and your blog just seem tempting enough to do so. :p