Roll On: 10 Things To Do Around / In Tasik Titiwangsa.

Jun 14, 2017

Excuse me as I wrote things that might give me more traffic yet still relevant to me. 

If you read "About Me" page you will see that I want to write things that I personally knew which in this case - Tasik Titiwangsa. I was a student at UKM KL and I am pretty sure most of you do not realize that UKM has a campus at KL. 

They did. We exist.

Our main residential college, the Tun Syed Nasir Residential College 1, is located directly behind Tasik Titiwangsa (though only one is left now and Plaza Rah can not be counted as a residential college). If you look closely - behind the tall trees and even smaller signboard with UKM logo on it, you can see us!

Well not me of course - I have graduated. #fliptudung.

The big water fountain is placed in the middle of this. It was majestic.
So, since I try to live the fullest while I was there, I thought I can share with you things you can do while you were there. However, since I just thought of doing this, I don't have many pictures to share but trust me that I am so not making this up. Let us get to it!


At the entrance to Tasik Titiwangsa, you will see the iconic structure of Istana Budaya. If you guys didn't know, Istana Budaya usually has theatre shows and concerts. The tickets price can be pricey according to the type of show but we manage to join Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wijck for only RM31. Their main cast (that I care) is Nabila Huda. Her acting is so on point and her dialect/accent sound so real. I think since it is some student project we got ourselves a cheap ticket. Watching a live acting in a theatre setting is truly an amazing experience. I do hope to join a concert next time. However, Istana Budaya is closed now for renovation and only open at the end of the year.

Superfriends includes Dato’ M.Nasir, Datuk Ramli Sarip, Dato’ Nash, Ito, Syamel AF, Maya Karim, Liza Hanim, Haiza, Sahara Yaacob, Billa AF, Ucop Bukan Sekadar Rupa, Aniq Ceria Pop Star.
There are some online ticket booking services like RedTix here.
You can also buy it directly at Istana Budaya, just read how HERE


Behind Istana Budaya, you will find exquisite art show hosted by Balai Seni Visual Negara (National Visual Arts Gallery). The good thing is that the admission is FREE and it opens every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. I went there once and for me, it was not about deciphering codes of what the art are about but just to simply absorb it. It was a great experience to notice the detail of how the artist manipulating the medium they use. The ambience is so cool too. 

Check out more exhibition HERE.


I think it was around 2015 that they start to have this rent a bicycle service there. I'm not sure about the price because I really don't feel like cycling when there are lots of people there. But I am pretty sure for a normal single seated bicycle will only cost you RM10 per hour while a double seated one will cost RM20 per hour. 


Roller blades have been there longer that the bicycle since they have a special mini track. It fashioned to be like those track when we practice to get our car license but smaller such that each lane fits one person to roll through it. I suck so bad at roller blading so I never try it there too. It cost around RM5 for 30 minutes and since there are lots of peoples use that roller blades, you have to bring your own sock or you can just buy it for RM2.


There are a lot of kayaks there but I never saw anyone actually kayak and people usually choose paddle boat. I used to try to paddle as near as possible to the water fountain since it was on at the time. I want to see the engine stuff. The lake is quite big so it is a fun ride and you can also observe all the underwater plants which actually made the water murky but still, an interesting sight. There is also that balloon where people can go in there and "walk" on the water. It's quite new and I didn't get the chance to check the price.

Photo credit goes to Sharinginfoz's Blog and as you can see there are no prices for that balloon stuff because it was rather a new attraction. I guess it starts around 2015 too. 


Bet you did not see that coming huh? National Blood Centre located just across Istana Budaya and sometimes you can even saw some guy riding a bike carrying blood like those pizza delivery guys. I think they were called blood porter.You can just go there and get yourself registered but make sure you follow all the basic rules of blood donation ie no menses, no fasting, preferably has eaten, has a proper night sleep and most importantly are in good health. The most important thing is that you'll get a card saying you have been checked together with your blood type. Funnily, I was always not suitable to donate my blood, something about low haemoglobin count which was detected last. So I got all the necessary check-up and then knew that I can't donate. Geez. You will also get some free food afterwards.
Photo credit to Robert J. Steiner
It opens everyday


They have the best char koey teow I have ever tasted. The portion was a bit small (you can opt for the large portion) and it cost RM5.50 but it is totally worth it. Apart from the regular things you can find in a Malaysian restaurant they also offers western dish. It opens every day from 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. and you will believe me it is good once you saw the restaurant because it is always packed!

Check out their Facebook page HERE
They even sell their own char koey teow sauce!


There is another cool eating place here which open sometime after zuhur until nearing maghrib. I'm not sure the exact time but I usually saw them open around this hour. They operate within a food truck at the parking space just beside Sany Char Koey Teow. It was the creamiest cendol with just enough sweetness and some fresh pasembor with tasty kuah kacang. I am so picky over this two dish and just imagine how exciting it is to find both dish just mouth-wateringly good at the same place! Now I am craving for one. If you come during the evening you can see their chairs (no table - just chairs!) are full. 


Who am I kidding - I never read anything there. The only time I was there because our college wifi was down and we have to send our literature review during the time. Imagine the hectic! Alhamdulillah that the National Library located just behind of our college so we went there and set up our laptop and just savour the chill air conditioner and the fast wifi. Besides, the building is quite cool so I would really suggest you guys take a walk around there and of course inside the library as well lah. The borrowing procedure was rather complicated and by time I just gave up and I was pretty settled with our own library too.


I always want to join them but life happens. Anyway, what Buku Jalanan does is that they do regular book discussion (once every two weeks) and I think they even offer to lend books. The last activity that they did is a discussion over Surah Al - Alaq from Tafsir Al Azhar on 12th June. Yup, they even have iftar which was managed by Bike Kitchen KL. You can get updated by following their social media account - @BukuJalananTITI (Twitter) or Buku Jalanan TITI (Facebook page). Buku Jalanan TITI was a volunteer work from some really passionate peoples, just read their story HERE.

That is all folks.

This took so long.


Oh, by the way, PRO TIP! If you live near there, do like any UKM KL related Facebook page so that you can get notified regarding any activities we do. It was always made public and we sometimes host food carnivals and running event at Tasik Titiwangsa.



  1. When I still lived in Gombak, I remembered I had went there with my family to exercise during weekend. Now, the nearest lake near me would be Tasik Cempaka in Bangi but e don't go for jogging but to eat around the restaurants around there lol

    1. Tasik Cempaka was one of our choice to do our graduation photo shoot but then we went to Putrajaya. We try to search some pictures about Tasik Cempaka and always end up finding pictures related to people eating there which made me doubt it will have plenty of good views for photshoot. lol. I guess I made the right call huh?

  2. been in Selangor for almost 3 years now and had never land my feet at Tasik Titiwangsa --' maybe I should go there (since theater sounds fun!) once the break is over.

    1. You should really go! Back here in Manjung we don't have any place like this so I'm missing it a lot. Come in weekend and you might get a chance to watch those control car racing. They have a track. I didn't put it on the list because I'm not sure the frequency of the event.

  3. Kalau dekat maunya hari2 mama ke sini. Byk menda menarik

    1. Betul! Kalau setakat lepak duduk bawah pokok pon dah cukup puas hati!

  4. a.. rindu titiwangsa.. hee~ malas g sana dah.. anak2 akak tanak balik..

    1. Alahhh, akak pegi dating dengan hubby je. makan cendol. haha

  5. WoW! this entry is really awesome.. never thought that a public area like tasik titiwangsa could end up as a great blogpost.. Such a brilliant idea Afifah. Nak tiru boleh?? hehe

    1. Go ahead! Dapat idea ni pon sebab bila nak pegi jenjalan suka google tempat tu dulu and end up found these kind of things. Alang-alang dah taw bolehla share hee.

  6. Masa musim rajin jogging dulu, setiap Ahad Siqah pergi Taman Tasik. Suka pergi sana sebab tamannya besar dan ramai orang. Suka tengok orang jugak. Hehe. Kedai Sani selalu penuh!! Nasib je kalau pergi terus dapat seat.

    1. Kan, just lepak tengok orang pon best jugak and Sany tu dari petang penuhnya. yg naik moto pon ramai datang.