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Jun 18, 2017

Roll On: Request Me a Poem (free)

So, some time this week I announce in my Twitter account that if you guys re-tweet and comment on the tweet with some words - I'm going to make a poem out of the words you choose. A few words were given and somehow I am excited to do it. In case you guys didn't know - I write poems (amateur-ly of course).

Actually, it was also because I stopped writing poems for quite a long time though I want to write more. Sort of practicing it and this prompts is helping. The fact that I feel "owe" to those who comment kinda drives me to write. I keep telling myself it might turn out horrible and weird but just do it!

So if you guys want a poem for yourselves (and help me practice) just comment the words that interest you and re-tweet. Click HERE for the tweet.

Here are some that I have done.

Prompt word - despair

Prompt word - crush
Prompt word - fattzura (I am so not kidding you)

Prompt word - night shift

Prompt word - speak 
Prompt word - me and you

Prompt word - car

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  1. WoW! Awesome! U are an artisan Afifah.. Bravo.

  2. Dear Fifa ,

    You are talented . Best best semua poem fifa.

    Keep on going ok. Keep on writing poem <3

  3. Ya Allah bestnya poem awak. Btw Mai retweet dah :P tak sabar nak baca, hihi.

    1. Thanks mai, terharu sampai cakap Ya allah tu. InsyaAllah fifah buat - favoritism hee

  4. wahh... awesome... :D best poems awk. keep it up ! :D

  5. OMG! I love it!! <3 pandainya Afifah buat poem. Please keep continue to write poem okay. Afifah berbakat tau =) Siqah baru follow di Twitter =)

    1. Terharunya siap follow twitter! Thanks for the kind words and love!! *menangis terharu*

  6. Uwaaaaaa daebaknyaaa bole buat poem 🙏🙏🙏

  7. Words seem to come so easy to you . . .