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Jul 23, 2017

Featured Blogger: Sayidah Napisah

This is a post for my last contest which is actually the prize - to be a featured blogger. What I'll do is that I will stalk the blogger and learn what her blog is all about. This one right here is a big hit! She just hit her four million page views!


click the pictures to be directed to the blog

This self-titled blog is owned by a charming 24 years old gal (omg, someone at the same age with me). She even shares with us her ultimate tips to get that four million marker which you can read it HERE. Looking through her popular posts we can see that she posted lots of informative writings and I was so amazed that she came out with an idea on making an easier way to memorise all those inspections for JPJ test. That was just creative thinking plus she wrote it clearly and just so easy to understand.

But the best thing is I just found out she wrote poems too. I love meeting new poet especially those who write on their blog. I write poems too but recently I was more interested in posting it on my Instagram account. Sayidah doesn't stop there, with lots of writing posted each month (an average of 40 posts per month) only means that she has lots to share and that includes her cooking journey too. She literally has it all.

her Facebook page

It is exciting to see such an aspiring blogger like her - idolaaaaaaa. By the way, she wrote is Bahasa but her writing is not those cincai ones so you're gonna have some pleasant reading.

With that all laid down, I hope you guys would go and pay her a visit.

Did I do a good job guys? Don't forget to visit Aiman Salled too. He is also a featured blogger but he is featured in a different way - just check out my sidebar. Adios amigos~

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  1. Kagum kan dengan KC. 4m views is totally awesome. I wish i will reach that stat soon :)

  2. yaAllah terharunyaaa dengan review ni. semua baik baik belaka. pujian aje. blushing aiii! hahaha. terima kasih afifah review blog saya. love it! <3

  3. All it takes is kerajinan to update blog. Sebab kan takde kerajinan lah blog kita sendu. Hahaha.

    1. Auchhh, sentap kejapp. Betul tuuu T__________T

  4. nanti nak visit kenal2 jugak la..

  5. I agree Sayida Napisah's blog is awesome. So do yours. I enjoy reading both blogs.
    Young people's writing sometimes can be an eye openner for me.

    1. Thanks for the compliments and I loved reading adults writes too. There are sense of calm and experiences behind it that me feels safe to trust the content.