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Sep 30, 2017

Roll On: One Passion, Two Passion, A Higher Reason (handwritten)

So I feel like writing when I was doing one week "kursus" before working, kinda a compulsory thingy, and since I don't have the time to write on my laptop, I wrote in my notebook instead. Here it is.

It's quite raw and not properly detailed, but I thought, I'll just do it.

I'll be "lapor diri" next Monday and am too nervous at the moment to write anything.

Let's hope the new dormitory have wifi or some sort or else it's gonna be awhile for me to update.

*passion or no passion, challenges will be there and .........

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  1. kalau passion pun tapi selalu kena maki dengan bos boleh hilang patient

  2. I love your handwriting..! But I couldn't complete reading the third picture due to your thumb covering some of the words.. ._.