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Dec 21, 2018

Roll On: 2018 Favorite Self Care Thingy (Part One)

I never thought I'd actually do these kinds of posts and not to mention - I'm actually excited. Since I got my own money now and starting to want to care for myself better, I've been trying some new things and this has been fun. So, I want to share 10 things that I'm definitely going to keep having it in 2019 which might be a good thing for your self-care too.

from left to right

1. Face Scrub by Good Virtues Co.

I learned that Good Virtues Co. products are organic and use lots of nature stuff. I can't recall the exact term for this stuff but basically, the product would not contain harsh chemicals. So, I've been using few of their products since my dry skin and brittles hair will worsen if I used normal products. This face scrub in particular - is so good. My skin feels refreshed, well scrubbed (is this even a thing?) and still feels supple afterward which is not like my previous experience with a face scrub. They usually left my skin feel tight like my-face-have-been-scrubbed-too-much-than-i-would-like-it kind of tight. Not to mention it is super affordable and the packaging is just too beautiful.

2. Konjac sponge

Did you have that feeling like your hand is not doing enough work to clean your face cause I did. I try using face brush - the manual one and the automatic one. The manual one's bristles are too soft while the automatic one is just such a big hassle. My sister told me about this konjac sponge and I think you can only get this at Daiso. It is sponge-like but firm like a beauty blender. However, the surface is just a little bit harsh to give you that brushing sensation. It is great. Totally loving it.

3. Palmer's Lip Balm - Cocoa Butter Formula

Since eating isotretinoin is giving me a bad case of dry lips, I take note to always bring my lip balm everywhere. Moisturize your lips throughout your daily endeavors fellas! I tried this one with hyaluronic acid that works wonders on chapped lips but I can't find it the other day and chose this instead. It work just as well and the best part is that it smells like chocolate! Since being confuse on what lip balm to buy is a hassle, I made a mental note to just get this one. If it ever finishes. 

4. Lucido-L Argan Rich Hair Treatment Cream

I was looking for something like a hair conditioner but I don't have to wash it. Apparently, I was looking for hair cream. I tried using hair conditioner and hair mask for my brittle hair but it just feels too harsh on my hair. Not to mention how it worsen my hair loss is with the washing but the effect is temporary. I found this at Guardian and it is around RM20 only (it even have argan oil!). You only need about 1cm of the product and it works so well. Even my sister was complimenting that my hair looks better. It does feel soft and most importantly, less brittle. 

5. Botaneco Garden - Organic Argan and Virgin Olive Oil Nourishing Hand Cream

My dry hand is the worst. Did you know that wearing lots of lotion will only worsen your dry skin? Yes, it does. If your dry hand is mild, a lotion is great, but if you are like me, lotion only does so little. But then I can't be smothering petroleum jelly and go about life now can't I? Thank god I find this thing. Hand cream is a bit thicker than lotion thus the effect last longer but this one got argan oil and virgin oil. Oil is good as it helps to retain the moisture which makes this work even better. The smell is so good too.

(to be continued because it is my bedtime)

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  1. I'm scared of using konjac sponge due to it 'hardness' :'))))

    1. Are you referring those at daiso? The dry one? Cause that one is hard as stone. You need to wet it first.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I was wondering why there is a stone there XD Sponge rupanya.

    1. actually, if you want to buy this, makes sure it writes konjac sponge cause it is hard when dry. i almost mistaken it with that stone used to scrub feet lol

  4. bfore this i use automatic face brush but then finally only use hand.

    1. i keep the face brush cause macam sayang but never uses it in a very lol time. bila beli this sponge, teros buang. it's quite cheap so nevermind haha.

  5. i loveee Good Virtue n Co Products..!! they are great. and value wise sooo good. not to expensive =D