Roll On: It's Finally and My Malaysian Blogger Bloglist

Dec 14, 2018

If you're here for the bloglist - scroll down until you see a very cute Korean guy with bunny teeth. or you can just read everything. I could be your thing?

I'm like spiritually awoke each time I remember I bought the domain but I bought this last Tuesday and only gets to write about it today. Am I not spiritually awoke enough?

I'm so bored right now like I think I finally understand the very core essence of  "bored to death". You see, I have finished my PRP right? So now, I have the chance to spend my time off. Newsflash everybody, working as a pharmacist in government hospital means shift works but we don't get paid, we just get time-off. Go be a doctor if you want money. They got paid a lot for the extra shift but the life is super busy and exhausted though.

Anyway, so here I am, free as the birds fly without nothing to do. Well, you can only read so much and writes so much until it gets damn boring. I do reading and writing as hobbies for god sake. FYI, I'm thinking of going to the stationary store and buy some watercolor cause those seem fun. Also, go check my Instagram because I just started doing analysis on "100 Love Poems You Should Read Before You Die" which basically a noob (me) trying to understand classical (i guess) poems.

Back to the most important matter. 

IT IS AFIFAHADDNAN.COM (I'm so tempted to say bitches but I'm just so well mannered and now am so proud with my self-control)

so now, please spend two seconds of your life and looks and look at the address tab to just appreciate that it is

Actually, a lecturer of mine oppose the idea of getting the domain because I rarely update which is like "Whatever imma an independent girl (sangat takda kena mengena) and I'll do what I want" but then I got self-conscious like "Prof are you actually reading this? I STILL IN LOVE WITH BTS BTW"

he hates k-pop

speaking of k-pop, I'm going to write all about my in-depth analysis on k-pop. someday.

Image result for jungkook hot andcute gif
i'm sorry if you expect more

Now, getting to the second most important matter for the day - my BLOGLIST

If you guys read my blog, you'll notice that I have a bloglist which dedicates to list Malaysian blogger. Actually, it was more on dedicating to blog list those with a true passion to write original content. Back when blogging got hyped in Malaysia, bloggers only rewrite thing which is just so weird. Everyone can Google those and I know it gives you traffic but why? So at that time, blog walking isn't much of an excitement. However, I learned to realize that now, more and more Malaysian bloggers are writing more quality content which makes it exciting to do this bloglist. But the project took so much time (ie stalking more blogs) and now I'm coming up with a new strategy to expand this database (we're using big words now, keep up). 

We are playing tags (this is not an excuse to play tags because I miss another storm of tags)

It's easy, just post this banner and tell three things that screams passionate blogger to you. Then tag two other bloggers for the tag. This is just to get the words spreads. If the said blogger is interested to be listed, just make sure the tag pass on and comment something here. Idk, Hi or something? You can just comment a dot and I'll put your blog in the bloglist.

I hope this gets attention and not end up with me looking sad.

I guess I'll start. Well. Passionate blogger for me means - 

1. he/she care to make the post/blog aesthetically pleasing as according to the blog theme. 
2. have some topic or niche instead of just posting daily rambling.
3. actually loves writing (we can read through the words if the person enjoys writing or not).

Actually, all my faves have been listed in the bloglist so, I'm just tagging this to spread words.

These are some passionate bloggers 

The charming and cute Fatina
The smart and sweet Eyqa
The most aesthetically pleasing thing Rasya
The most supportive and loving Mrs Pip
The ambitious and talented Lya Amie

and now I runs out of adjectives.


  1. Will join these tags thing soon, insya allah ...mcm best juga main tag tag ni ..haha.

  2. And congrats with the dot com 💑💏💑

  3. Congratulations for getting your own domain!!! Your lecture advice is realistic lol but even if I were you I'd still get my own domain with my name in it because it's my dream to do so.

    Thank you for the tag tho

    - from aesthetically pleasing lover me

    1. hope the tag won't be a bother. it's my dream too. that's why i just brushed him off lulz.

  4. wahhh congratsss for new domain! welcome to .com club XD

  5. Congrats for (dot)com, welcome to the club! And thanks for this creative tag! Will do it soon, insyaAllah ;)

  6. done tagging

  7. Wow! congratulations! for the new domain.
    IDK my kids always saying that hahahaaa...

  8. i thought of getting my own domain as well. but until today.. i still dont have my own domain. okayla okaylaaa soon insyallah hehe..

    1. it's quite satisfying to have my owb domain but i only feel that i need it this time around. so it's okay. take your yime!