Roll on : Adulting Challenge.

Mar 16, 2016

I have this pestering hatred on stupid things posted on facebook that my "friend" shares/likes. Unfortunately, I can't tailor my newsfeed to only have things i'm interested only. Yet of course, i can't really unfriend people because they are interested on things I hate.

Well, I can actually. Just don't have that diligence to go through my friend list.

Gah, among the things I hope I realize earlier in my life : knowing someone I know never meant straight away be an acquiantance on facebook. I should have a more private facebook.

Wow, to actually have that words out kinda put a sense of reality and it is an exquisite one.

I should really do that.

I got some friend who actually do "check up" to remove this unimportant peeps from their facebook or simply make a new account. It's liberating.

But, as a matter of fact, it is not possible to choose who would intervene your life. Yeah, you can choose your peer, but you can never choose who would step into your life. Even "better" if those peoples you are not particularly interested would be an important part of your life. For, well, reasons.

This is the time I thought i've been adulting. I realized the freedom of not having to accept people. Again, liberating. Yet, one part of adulting is to accept crap people. This is what i am facing right now. Accepting crap.

I hate to don't like someone but believe me, i tried my best to justify how wrong to actually don't like someone. I learned that we all have flaws which we need to live with. Accept with open heart. Lets face it. I'm a difficult person. I have to be open hearted.

Anyhow, i am today was put into multiple situation needing me to play very nicely with my least favourite person. Exhilarating indeed. Karma.

I know this has bother me so much because I wanted to learn to be able to accept people which I know by heart that they doesn't deserve such hatred. Just that. I don't really understand the chemistry behind how I actually hated a person. I would picture the traits that i'm not fond of not to be a very big matter. It's not like someone is killed or millions of tax money being corrupted. Yet, i still have a list of least-contact-as-possible persons.

This is perplexing.

But, the beauty is, I think Allah put me into this so that I learned to overcome my issues. I am a firm believer to overcome your hatred by understand exactly what you were dealing with. I think i didn't try hard enough before and this is how Allah wanted to help me.

So this is me, accepting a challenge.

Stop war. Spread love. Or whatever.

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