Roll on : Sign and symptom

Mar 22, 2016

When i have fever,

I'll have runny nose.
Stucked and yeah stuffed nose.
Sometime sneezing few times in a row which sounded bad. It's not that bad really.

Awful cough that I can't even tolerate water, i would try to get something to numb my throat.
I hate this part the most.
It get me restless, annoyed all day long
Gladly the other day the doctor gave me prednisone, i took one tablet only and it worked like a charm. Been using it since.
When i was small, it would worsen that i lost my voice for a good two days.

Sometime the fever game was so good that i'll be shivering for the night. It's not that cold or anything, i'll be shivering like crazy.

I have asthma that will cause bronchospam. Not too bad but still, well, suffering. I can't breathe properly and practically panting even though i was laying down. It just make me cough more. I took liquid salbutamol for this. Which cause trembling. Oh well. At least i can sleep now.

When these symptom calm down, which usually only a day or two, i'll have this lethargy. I can't move around much but not that awful to be sleeping all day long. Sometime i'll have difficulty breathing if i move too much. I'll walk slowly and talk slowly. I'll sweat a lot too. It's just me being so unproductive.

Just like today.

At least i've updated my blog.

Do some chores. I can't sleep btw. I literally force myself to sleep or else i won't heal quickly.

The thing is, i despise being sick but i know it cleanse my sins. If i be gratitude. It didn't sound quite right but you know what i mean. I should really worked on being grateful for sickness. I don't whine but I still have this distaste feeling. It makes me feel guilty. So lets this be a reminder to be grateful in sickness. Even more grateful at being healthy. That is the point of this post really. I want to remember this clearly sign and symptomso that i'll appreciate health more.

The gift of health is amazing.


escape to fraser. this may actually the causes that lead to my fever. 

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