Roll On : Dispensing tips for OSPHE

Mar 18, 2016


If you ain't a pharmacist wanna be. This post is obsolete. But do venture on this side our life. You're welcome here.


Last night I have this awful tak-sedap-hati feeling because we have our first OSPHE workshop today. I can't sleep until 1.30 am which might be due to the fact that i've slept the day or maybe due to the evening coffee i took which only make it worst. I was so restless that I can't even bring my eyes shut to force myself to sleep. I even read some online stories (don't give me the crap saying no phone before sleep).

I resort for 9gags afterwards which granted me success. Yet, it's late already, so not 9gag lullabying me. I am officially sleepy by somewhere near 2 am.

I have restlessness. I need my peace. My peace is my catalyst. So I treat myself a slow breakfast. It worked.

First tip: Be freaking calm!

However, OSPHE was so overrated. It really does. Alhough i am the least prepared person. I lost my bnf and refuse to buy a mims. Practically I have nothing.

Second tips : you need at least mims and bnf for dispensing and drug info workshop. I am prepared by the least. Drug info handbook is a leverage but the severity of OSPHE was not to include it. I borrowed my friend bnf and downloaded mims apps.

Yay mobile data.
Yay awesome phone that i borrowed since my phone is broken.
Yay life.

Emm. Lets get down to bussiness. The dispensing part.

This is the real tips. Although it is not so much of a pro tip and please don't make this into a standard or what, it is simply what i've learned from previous classes and discussing it with my friend. It a rough guide which would help during OSPHE. We come up with this when we try to dispense among ourselves and trying different sentences. Experimenting.


1. Ask patients name. We resort on "Hi, good morning, may i know your name please". Patient was deemed to rush because they have spend hours and taking medication is their last pitstop. Asking their name is better than asking "are you so and so". It makes them alert also. Then, introduce yourself (i like this part, heee)

2. Ask them if they knew their condition. " Do you what your medicine is for?".

3. Proceed by telling them which medication is for which condition as they have said before. We resolve on saying the dosing regimen " take this ?? daily, and ?? tablets/capsules/yadayada each time, before/after meal". Some condition will have different multiple medication, so finish each condition first ie "you have two type of medication for your diabetes which is ?? and ??".

4. After telling dosing regimen of a particular medication, you need to tell them any special advice like does it need to be chewed/shaken/when needed. Basically, finish everything about a medication then move on to other.

5. For things like inhaler and insulin pen, make sure to ask if this is their first time and if they know how to use it. Or else, you need to educate them. Won't be though, you'll have other session for this.

6. Ask if they have any problems. This one is on you. Lecturers can ask random various question. I was asked why the patient need to take Gelusil (a type of antacid).

7. Ask the patient to repeat what you have advice. Oh my!!!!! I didn't do this today!!!!

I just ended season 6 supernatural and it was great. Sad of course since I liked Castiel and Dean was too miserable. This is why Destiel is shipped. But at first episode on season 7, Castiel become Leviathan. It is an antagonist character like destroy-the-world kind of antagonist.

But it was AWESOME.

Malaysia is damn hot.

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