About July and Trying Things for Ten Days

Jul 20, 2019

It's the twentieth of July and I didn't have any target set for it. I'm too laid back. I eat what I want and couldn't care less about living healthier. But at least Ihave cooked more. I just pick up reading like three days ago. I should really care more for my skin. I am practically giving up in any traveling plan but god I wanted so back to go to that Da Vincci gallery currently held now. I didn't write much too.

But I just realized I have achieved all but one target that I had for June. That's a good achievement at least.

I finally finish my NaPoWriMo tag. I re-read everything and decided that some of it may need polishing but that's another job for another time.

I also finished Mikhail and it was just meh, just so. I decided that Ramlee Awang Murshid isn't a favorite so I'm forgoing the plan to read his other books.

I finally tried that automatic deduction from Maybank and it works. This is all nothing but just technical but I got stuck for a quite some times so that is why I made it a goal to ensure I actually put this behind me.

I have sent the batik that I got for a present to be sewed but it's still not done.

The video that I did for our department for Eid turned out cute and funny. It was so satisfying.

The blog makeover was quite a success? I tweak the code like crazy for a few nights to get the grid view smaller and that was it. I should put more work into it.

The last target would be to write one post about a topic that suits my niche which means more opinion based posts. I wrote about how music affected me. It was such an exaggerated writing but I like it dearly.

Image result for gif proud of myself

I tought of just letting July go but I got an idea this morning to make July worthwhile. I'm thinking on trying some new habits for a short period of time which in this case, I hope I'll do it for 10 days.

The said habits are -

1. To make my bed every morning - it was FlyFm advertisment that has influenced me.
2. To sleep before 11 - this is going to be so hard
3. To drink two litre of water 

Now, how do I trace this?

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