Do You Guys Need a Blogger Community?

Aug 3, 2019

The title is actually the whole post. Yup. Can I just stop here and let you guys comment if you want it or not?

But alas, pfft. This is me you're talking about, I always have something more to say.

I have been blogging for almost 10 years. Oh my god, I'm old. Yet I have never found any good blogging community-ish stuff which is based in Malaysia that helps me to grow as a blogger. Grow here means to be able to make a good blog that blog what I wanted (in this case, a lifestyle blogger) without the need to do those random articles just to get more clicks or that "follow for follow"/"comment for comment"/"click ads for click ads" culture.

That what happens in most blogger clubs I have joined in those early years. They do help in getting the blog more recognized and the blogger does get bonded well but it wasn't fulfilling for me. I stopped getting in the blogging community until two or three years back when I realized there are more good blogs that I loved to read (especially those on my blog-list widget).

Am I the only one who overthink this stuff?

Anyway, that has made me blog more these days. It was more fun. But we still lack a means of community.  So come the second question, do you guys also need a mean of community cause I think, as long as it is online event, I can cater it. Of course, I am delighted if there other people who wanted to help me.

The idea is for me to be a simple moderator and I am not going out of twitter. So I'll probably make a Twitter account (call it @malaysianbloggerr probably, we need a cooler name) and probably have a weekly thing like a blogger chat and monthly thing like a topic for us to write about and thus share our thoughts about it.

I need an active participation of course and twitter sends better exposure than other social medias.

So what do you guys think? Am I daydreaming or this is doable?

Comment your thoughts and suggestion here and since I'm using Disqus it will serve a rather good means of discussion too.

Disclaimer, I am so not doing this to publicize myself or my blog, I just need a good Malaysian based community and if this goes well, everyone can benefit from it?

So, do you guys need a blogger community?

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