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Aug 13, 2019

I have planned to write three posts in August but it's already the 13th of August yet I haven't written anything. Today's is Tuesday but I can see how I am so not able to write anything for the whole week so yeah. 

By the way, check out the newly made Categories section on my sidebar. I decided to highlight that three categories and have spent about half an hour just to tweak those and also re-tagging my post. I need to go deeper but I guess that could wait. I need to update these first.

mona lisa

I wanted so much to share this so here it is. I'm not sure if you guys notice but Balai Seni Visual Negara has been hosting Leonardo Da Vincci's pieces for the past month. Not the actual ones, I mean how on earth they will transfer the very wall that holds "The Last Supper" mural, but it was this hi-tech camera thingy with another hi-tech lighting stuff that allows you to view the pieces as if it was the real thing They also made sure to also capture the deteriorating condition as well. I sit through the entire explanation of the process, that's why I know this.

It was held for a month and "conveniently" I was busy on all weekends. I was afraid I didn't get the chance to see it. But since I worked the night shift on Yang Dipertua Agong's coronation day, I got the day after off. I requested for off-day on Thursday too and that is how I ended up suddenly at BSVN, alone, in the middle of the week, to watch Mona Lisa and The Last Supper.

I'm not an art aficionado but I love looking at the art pieces from this era especially those from churches. For me, it was just beautiful, intricate and the detail is mind-blowing too. I let myself absorb all the details. The Last Supper is so big. 

The Annunciation

My favorite is "The Annunciation". It just looks ethereal and the details on the flowery grass carpet are just so pretty. It was also an interesting POV to see how they hold sacred on their Christian teaching and just how the same but also contrasting it was with Muslim teaching. But as I said before, it matters to me because it is prettyyyyyy.

blog ideas

Although it seems impossible for me to write all those three posts. I should at least have a specific topic to write. I did state in my August's target to make this list. Basically, I wanted to write two topic for that four main themes I wanted to put in my blog namely (1) self-discoveries, (2) self-love, (3) mental health and (4) life hacks that would fit into the first three themes.

The first and second theme seems interchangeable, isn't it?

So here is the topic -

  1. Self  discoveries: My greatest weakness + 30 Things That I Love About My Life
  2. Self love: What Does It Mean To Love Yourself + Journaling for Self Love
  3. Mental Health: What Is Mental Health + How Are You (I want to write something to prompt people into thinking  more about their mental health status)
  4. Life Hacks: Self-affirmation + podcast

These are some wild topics for me but I'll try my best. I want to write these because I want to learn as well. These topics just feel right for me so I'll give it my very best.


I made a twitter account meant for a good space for us and it was slow. I got confused on what the heck I should do and my self-consciousness is always trying to get the better of me but I persevere, guys, I persevere. As much perseverance it is lah since the account was only live for about three weeks only lol.

I'll stick through even if the hype is not much. Ok, probably as long as there is some, I'll keep on going. I am amazed how much self-motivation I poured into this but I know this is for me. It is mainly because I want it to work out so bad plus I am dedicating this as my current life project.

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