BMPIL Writing Challenge - What Grocery Shopping Looks Like For Me

Aug 16, 2021

My last post on Being More Present In Life Writing Challenge was almost three weeks ago. I was busy at work I guess. Plus I had a really bad toothache for about a week and had one of my wisdom teeth removed last Monday and I am scheduled to remove another one this coming Friday. Exciting times.

I also wrote about a new topic in my last post and was really excited to continue it but it might have to wait for a while. I just starting to feel like myself literally yesterday and I am due for one of the main inconveniences in my current life tomorrow so yeah, let's start simple.

I skipped this topic and wrote ahead of the two next topics because I was going to do my grocery shopping on my day off. However, I forgot that I needed to write about it and that I should've taken a photo and only remembers it when I finished unpacking everything so there's that. Not to mention I went out another two times afterwards because I keep forgetting stuff to buy. I usually made a list but I didn't make one that day and I regretted it until today. I'm not even exaggerating. 

I'm not going to do any big grocery shopping anytime soon so let me just tell you how grocery shopping usually went for me. Since I just removed a tooth and I am due for another one in a few days, I'm only doing a simple grocery shopping for now.

Since I have moved out from my old place, I started to buy my grocery in a new place. I used to do my grocery hopping at nearby a Tesco, Econsave or Segi. It depends on what I need or if I need to make a stop at Watsons, located in Tesco. I don't really mind where I buy stuff since I'm buying for one so the price isn't much of an issue for me. I usually only did a big grocery shopping when I have more items ran out so that I didn't have to go out multiple times. If it is only an odd one or two things, like for example, now I'm running out of chicken but I still have a frozen minced one, I'll just cook things that needed minced chicken instead.

Somehow, living alone for a few years now, I learned to know the basics that I need to always have in stock. It was kinda a breakthrough realization for me since earlier on, I don't feel like I need to have much groceries and just buy things when I feel like it. I don't do early breakfast before work and always have takeaways so I hardly cook. I also used to always almost exclusively only drink instant coffee. Not only that I usually home during weekends so I am only really at my rented place after work.

However, these days, I feel like those times when I was buying groceries at home where I make sure these "things" are in stock because a home needed them. I made a point to do actual grocery shopping for myself because this current home of mine needed these and also because (1) apparently it is nice to have food at home since eating takeaways can be too bleak and (2) I hate needing to go out to buy this and that so let's just buy enough to last me a long time before needing to go out again. It was mostly because I don't know what to eat and somehow cooking simple meals always works for me.

It is still a plain groceries haul though plus I learned to stock on things that will last long. I keep quite a variety of food because I always don't know what to eat so it ends up taking longer to finish. I still don't cook quite as regularly as I wanted to but if I did cook, I will only do a single meal. So things like condiments, oil and rice will take an even longer time to run out. 

Much to my joy, I found out that I like eating some simple noodle dish when I don't feel like eating anything so I always have a pack of spaghetti and those bolognese sauce in a jar at home. I like eating vermicelli as well so I always stock on that too. I recently learned about canned vegetables so I have that to cook with the spaghetti and vermicelli because those frozen vegetable ones ain't really working with me. I have a variety of frozen food though - minced meat, tempura nuggets, fries, paratha, sausages and recently I learned that those chicken popcorns really does taste like actually chicken lol. Sometimes I just cook this frozen food and called it a day.

I started to stock on other drinks too instead of just instant coffee. Sometimes I'll buy cordials but it was either Sunquick or Nutrifres. Next, it was the regular instant noodles, probably some snacks, milk, eggs, butter, syrups, ice cream, flour (almost exclusively for making pancakes) and Chilsung cider if the place happens to have one. Eggs are important though. It has been my prized solution for protein sources especially when I feel like I needed to eat more than just instant noodles for dinner or a plain cup of coffee for breakfast. Sometimes, I'll be fancy and buy fruits.

I do buy fresh food but only when I know for sure I'm going to cook it soon so that's why I hardly buy it. I don't know how long has that one piece of chicken cut has been in my fridge until I finally cooked it yesterday. 

I really did make a whole post about my groceries lol. Does this make me a good adult? Because this adult is really thankful for this adulting skill because now I feel like drinking a cup of cold milk and thank god I just bought one this morning. 

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