BMPIL Writing Challenge - What I Did On The Last Day Before PKP Starts Again.

Jul 23, 2021

I had to Google if it was supposed to be "on the last day" or "in the last day" for the title and I never thought that one of the things I would notice when I'm doing this challenge was how bad my English is and how limited my vocabulary as well.

So, on the last day before PKP start, I'm not sure what PKP was it but it was when we can still rentas daerah and dine in, I made a point to go out. We went for a staycation two weeks before, so this time it was a simple meet-up and just hang out. Since it was very last minute, we just decided to go to Setia City Mall to walk around and have a bite. Setia City Mall has just opened Lulu Hypermarket so I went around to have a see but since I don't feel like bringing groceries home, I didn't buy anything. I remember seeing this one pan that was just the right size and the right depth and thought to myself to come again to buy it. Then this actual lockdown happens.

There is also a newly opened Sukiya Tokyo Bowl & Noodle. I only come to realize that Sukiya wasn't only about their hot pot so seeing that SCM has that, I just have to try. It was nice but I don't think I'm going again though. We also make a point to go to Chizu and experience the aesthetic. I forgot which branch was it that have this beautiful interior but the one in SCM was on par. The croissant wasn't really that memorable but all those toppings make it up. I do feel like the price range is a bit too much and that those mini croissants in Petronas were better. The drink was amazing though. I'm always skeptical with these cheese drinks but the cheese foam really went well with the drinks. All and all, it was a really nice day out.

This was only last April but somehow feels like a lifetime ago. Not like the previous PKP, this time, everything just feels surreal. Time simply feels like a standstill. I am so glad that I can still go to work but since I made a point not to do my work at home, time just stop" once I got back to my place. It somehow feels like the surrealness of it simply triggered once I step into my place after work and only properly resume once I start my car and go to work. I swear to god the most productive thing that I have done is finishing Vincenzo and this one donghua series. I just need to go home and reset. I should probably do things like exercising or hone a new skill and whatnot but with all due respect, just fuck it.

Writing helps. I need to cut out my phone time. It starts to get hot again.

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