BMPIL Writing Challenge - My Current Skincare Products

Jul 11, 2021

Today's a Sunday and I don't feel like sleeping after Subuh. However, I don't really feel like doing anything as well. I feel like eating pancakes though. I made a batch of pancakes the other day and just keeps it in the refrigerator so I can simply reheat it whenever I feel like eating pancakes. Sometimes you just want pancakes you know.

Afterward, I feel sleepy again. It was almost 8am something so I thought I've been awake enough this early in the morning and went back to sleep. Woke up again at 11ish and just don't feel like I need to do anything so like pejam celik pejam celik and decides to properly wake up when it's 11.30am. I don't like waking up late. It makes me feel bad and even groggier but there are days when I did this and feel refresh. I guess it's a good reset to sleep on that long. I still don't know what to do and then I remembered my leftover tom yam yesterday and some dishes I left because I was too lazy yesterday so I did those. Since I'm still not sure what to do, I just cooked some rice since it's almost noon anyway and finally decided to write this.

I made an actual effort last night to took some decent pictures of my skincare products. Setup a mini all-white background and use my table lamp for extra lighting. But the table lamp is running out of battery and I'm too lazy to recharge it so I didn't go into trying different angles. Should've tried the HDR mode.

I'm not the most diligent in putting on skincare but I do made a point to at least stick to basics for my skincare which means the main four step - cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen. However, since I have an acne prone skin, I do have acne spot treatment on hand as well which I only wears when I have acne or those tiny bumps. Apart from that, I also have some products for hyperpigmentation.

My main concern in my skincare is hydration and also not having any oily finishes. The trend today is more on getting those glowy looks from applying skincare products but I feels like it looks too oily me. I wanted my skincare too look like it hydrates my skin and just looks plump? So now, I somehow keeps at least two types of gel or water based moisturizer and mix them. I don't know why I did those but I did it lol. At night however, I'll mix one either gel or water based moisturizer with a heavier consistency and slightly oily moisturizer. I think I feel like cleansing my face just bares it naked and I need to take that opportunity to lock in moisturizer and since I'm not going anywhere at night, applying a heavier afterwards will in turn lock in the moisturizer. I swear I didn't make this up. There a science somewhere in there that I have learned which makes me wears it like this. Also I just love wearing moisturizer.

I have four moisturizer at the moment. I finishes my Hada Labo Moisturising Water Gel and thought to save some money and buys the good ol' Aiken Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer. It has been a while since I wore Aiken. I decided to wear Aiken because I wanted to incorporate more oil into my skin and also because I started to use their Aiken's Tea Tree Oil as spots treatment. I have benzoyl peroxide for spot treatments before this but it just don't work like at all and the bottle that I have was opened for month already so instead of buying a new benzoyl peroxide cream, I switches back to tea tree oil. The oil works like a charm since I only have like one or two papule or small pustules nowadays and it wasn't much often too. If I was having worse than that, benzoyl peroxide will work better. Though I have to tell that I don't remember Aiken's moisturiser to have such strong fragrant. Thank god it didn't cause any breakout but the smell is almost dizzying. I'm going to try Thursday Plantation once this finishes.

Since I wanted to wear two type of moisturizer, I randomly bought that Safi Perfect White Illuminating Day Cream to replace the old Safi moisturizer that I have finishes. I can't seem to remember what was it exactly but I think it was a night cream . I was curious to see the texture of this day cream and it turns out so nice. It was absorbed right away and hardly have any smells. I'm really loving the varieties in Safi products although I'm not a big fan on the gel one which was meant for acne. It was a bit oily for me. I also have Wardah Witch Hazel Purifying Moisturizing Gel. Although I only buys this at random since it was on sale and because it was a gel moisturizer. The gel texture was amazing and it got absorbed right away almost like Hada Labo Moisturising Water Gel. But I'm keeping this away for now and planning to use it daily once the Safi one's finishes. As for my heavier consistency moisturizer, I'm currently using The Ordinary Moisturising Factor + HA (not included in the picture). I think there's a quarter left and I just don't feel like buying it online again so I'm going to just use my Vaseline once this finishes.

I forgot to took photos of my cleanser and toner though. I'm using a salicylic acid cleanser from Hannan Medispa and Neutrigena Deep Clean Foeming Cleanser. I alternate between the two and usually only cleanse my face once a day since the Accutane really dries up my skin. I need to buy a new gentle cleanser but I just don't really feel like it. Right after washing my face, I spray on Hatomugi Skin Conditioner Lotion which acts as my toner. Deciding to put those lotion into a spray bottle was one of my greatest life decisions. I just sprays it and wait for it to dry which actually helps in a simple hydration of my skin before applying my moisturizer. It was a good face mist too. Unlike the regular water based mist, it really get absorbed way better and hydrates so well too. 

I have three products for hyperpigmentation which is - this brightening cream for Dr Ko, Wardah's C-Defense Vitamin C Serum and Safi Balqis OxyWhite Whitening Essence. I don't know what was in that brightening cream from Dr Ko but I always forgot to wear it anyway. It got so many rules so I simply got too lazy to wears it. I also decided to wear vitamin C serums for my skin hyperpigmentation and that's why I mistakenly bought that Safi one's. I read it as 1000 times concentration which at the time does feels like a lie seeing it was too cheap for such claim and much later on realizes it was 1000 times better instead. I can't even remember when I bought it. I just needed a new vitamin c serum as the Wardah's one is finishing and I am too lazy to go out again. The Wardah's one have this sticky finish but dries up eventually but it kinda adds up to the moisturizer so I don't really mind. The Safi ones was like a slightly thicker waterbased gel so I'm loving it as well. I don't know if these actually lighten my hyperpigmentation but I guess it will benefits me in the long run to stick to a routine. 

Regardless of the many moisturizer and hyperpigmentation products that I owned, I only have one sunscreen which is this Sunplay Skin Aqua UV Whitening Moisture Gel. Also, I meant to buy the Biore sunscreen but I only realizes it now that it was not  a Biore. But the consistency and UV protection characteristics are the same and that is the only thing that matter. No one want to have oily and white cast finishes if they ever want to stick on wearing a sunscreen.

That was all. I only remembers to apply my skincare when I'm going to work and at night. I simply forgets to wear these on my days off unless if I'm going out. But the routine really makes my skin feel better and looks healthier so I really need to work on this.

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