BMPIL Writing Challenge - My Current Three Most Played Playlist

Jul 17, 2021

It has been a few days that I stopped writing because I just feel like it. There's actually a draft that I meant to publish before writing this but it hasn't finished yet and I don't feel like continuing it now. For now, I want to write this topic because it's easy, fun and it's about things that I enjoy.

My go-to music player is Spotify. I used Youtube too but only at work though. I used to have my own playlist on Spotify that I will update every few months and then I will just keep playing that one playlist. I guess I'm becoming old already that current mainstream songs hardly interest me so I stopped updating that playlist and haven't played it for the longest time. If I feel like getting entertained and wanted to sing, I'll play either This is Maroon 5 or This is Adele on Spotify. Sometimes, I'll play either Bad Blood or Wild World album by Bastille. I knew most of the lyrics so it's easy to get in the mood and enjoy them. 

Image by tomasi from Pixabay

Since those starting to get boring too, I started to hear to other playlists so that I can find any playlist that I will enjoy. The problem is, I don't know how to find any that I will like so I just searched random keywords but found nothing at all. Not until one day I actually found one that I just adore so much. It's called Tsukishima Kei by Novaasoph. I randomly scrolled to this character fanart on Instagram and by sheer coincidence, I actually read the caption saying to scan the Spotify code on the character's t-shirt. I never tried to scan a Spotify code so I thought "hey this is interesting, let's try it". The first song that played piqued my interest and I just click "Follow". 

I always have a playlist to play at work too. Since we cast Youtube to the shop's television, I started to find any playlist on Youtube that I enjoy. There are two playlists that I have abused so much till it bores me so I stopped playing it much nowadays but much to my joy, I found a new one! It was from actually songs from Hyuk Oh. The chill vibes but rather different than the usual melody just feel fresh for me. I always love Hyuk Oh so it was natural for me to switch to him once those two earlier playlists start to bores me.

I do have one playlist that I did myself which comprises of songs that I actually like but it wasn't really mainstream songs or anything? It was a collection of really chill songs that were kinda supposed to be a really cool white noise while driving but also isn't really a white noise? It wasn't even in English or Malay too which added that white noise value. It was initially meant to be my new go-to playlist but at that moment, I was enjoying these few chill-like songs and then I decided to just leave it at that. There are only eight songs that lasted for about half an hour which suited nicely for me driving back after a long day at work. All of the songs were made knows to me so randomly too. I really love this playlist since most of the songs have that one clean part that I like to just focus on it. It might be a cool beat drop, a soothing instrument, a focus on the singer's vocal, or just a mix of those. Since my car has a nice speaker and the bass is just so fine, it added more value into letting myself be absorbed into the song and let loose. Why am I exaggerating on this playlist lol. I've moved into a closer place though so I haven't played it in the car for the longest time. Songs just hit different when you're driving.

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