BMPIL Writing Challenge - Phone Check!

Jul 1, 2021

I just realized I missed three days worth of topic instead of two. Anyway, I need one more outfit before updating that outfit topic so moving onto the next topic for today which is phone check.


I always use a clean picture as wallpaper with hues of colour. My go to are usually pictures of the sky or the sea. My source is almost solely from pinterest but I found this one was on Twitter. I found it accidentally while scrolling through my TL and quickly set it as my wallpaper cause I love seeing that palm trees peeking through. I think it was somewhere in Hollywood? It was a nice change of colour from the usual blues and greens. I haven't change this for months already.


I changes my lockscreen quite frequently. I don't pay notice to my wallpaper much as it will only last for two seconds and then I'm on the apps that I meant to open. But picking up my phone and seeing the black screen lights up with pretty pictures makes me happy. Per usual, I will choose any pretty pictures from Pinterest but recently I use more anime pictures. My current obsession is this artist that I found on Twitter (@zpsak). She don't have an Instagram account though. I always loves this kind of style and she makes it a lot more elegant and ethereal. Too bad that the characters she took a liking too and draws more frequently wasn't my favourite. 

Whatsapp Wallpaper

I think I have this for years already. I don't have any copy of the picture too. Since I did daily back up of my Whatsapp, this picture will automatically be set at my wallpaper even when I change my phone. Thank god for that cause it was such a hassle searching a wallpaper that I like as my Whatsapp's wallpaper. I just love the strip of 🌈  and also the "oh shit" is a funny quirky touch.

Ok that's it for today. 

By the way, I just notice, as in now, at 230pm, that today is not actually Friday? I have also worked for one week straight. However, since it's already July, I finally got my weekend off privilege back!

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