BMPIL Writing Challenge - Fictional Character as Crush

Jul 1, 2021


I have officially moved out of my old place and I'm feeling so happy right now. This place is better than the old ones in many kinds of sense, closer to my work and I am far more comfortable with the landlord even tho my landlord is a male.

I'm not sure if he is the actual landlord or if he only manages the house.

The best part is that this place isn't as hot as the old ones. I'm pretty sure the material used for the place is what affecting the heat so now I'm chilling comfortably and sleep even better. 

Anyway, since I was busy moving out but still have to go to work, I decided to stop writing for a day. However, one day become two days as I completely forgot about it yesterday. 

The supposed topic for today was about my outfit to work but I only have one picture. I didn't get to take more pictures as my mirror was left in the old place. I took my pictures by taking a picture of my reflection onto my full-length mirror. So we're going to do the next topic instead which is fictional character crush.

I'm having mixed feelings about this topic. It wasn't something that I feel comfortable enough to be more vocal about it especially when you live in Malaysia. But then I still put it in for that exact reason. I think it's a good challenge to write something that you aren't more comfortable about. 

Fictional characters came in a lot of forms. It can be from a book that you read, a tv series, a movie, a game, and my personal favourite - anime. If you read about my previous post, you'll see my interest in anime. 

I'm not the conventional biggest fan though. I consider myself an enthusiast but I still have to go to work and work makes you tired and I'm not one to sacrifice my sleep for anything. Not to mention my short attention span too. I can only watch at most three episodes of anime in one sitting but even that was rare. It was either the anime was so good so I can focus for three whole episodes or that I need to gain speed with the series because I keep forgetting to watch it. The thing is that I took anime as pleasure so I usually wait until I was really free and watch it as I chill.

I think my first legit crush was Jack Sparrow. It was my first experience in cinema too. I think it was the first one, The Cursed of Black Pearl. Then I learned how talented Johny Depp is and of course, having a crush on him too.

I watched plenty of anime during high school too. I didn't have any actual crush but I do remember thinking how some characters were so good looking and it confuses the heck out of me. How on earth a 2D character can be attractive. They weren't a real person? 

However, since I started to watch anime again last two years, I started to acknowledge that I can actually have a crush on a 2D character. What's funny is that I started to be more open about this idea due to TikTok. 

Peoples on TikTok are more vocal with their passion. Since they have millions of users, any kind of passion always has their own community that in turn supported each other. That just helps them grow and having people supporting what you like is just the most positive thing. That positive environment allows me to judge my feelings well, and the conclusion is that I do have crushes on fictional characters. 

It was just another fictional character but this time within the anime world that includes drawing. Drawing is just another form of art. I realize that I do have crushes simply because the artists draw something beautiful. 

But personally, I think having fictional characters as crush is just a good safe place. That was why peoples get into it and there are a lot of factors that contribute to it. Probably thy environment of that character life, (this actually become one of the main reasons why many peoples want to go to Japan lol), or it can the way the characters live that just fit your personality. Also since it was meant as entertainment you can simply choose someone from something you like. For example, most of the anime characters that I like are usually from the fantasy genre. This makes sense because it is my favourite genre and I am currently having a crush on a character from a fantasy action anime. 

Fyi, my current crush in Nanami Kento from Jujutsu Kaisen. He looks so much like Mads Mikkelsen but younger which makes a lot of sense. Mads is hot, but he's too old.

On the other hand, since I don't really like sports anime, I don't have any memory of actually having any of them as crushes. If I find anyone attractive it was usually preceded with me liking their personalities first. Like in Haikyuu, I usually only find the characters looks hot if there is some quirk in their personality that I like. 

There is something I learned about myself yesterday from a TikTok video saying that if I like these said characters, I might actually have a type in men. I'm not really sure if I have a type in men and what that type actually is but the funny thing is that almost all the characters mentioned were from a series I have seen so I know the characters. It baffles me because I do have this lingering feeling that I understand these characters even with how problematic they are and just like you're going to kinda stay in my mind and I will kinda still have a soft spot for you but sometimes you're just the definition of shitty. I can also confidently say that I don't have a crush on them too. When these characters were listed that way it just makes me really question myself so now apparently, I might have a thing for ENTP man.

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