Roll On: Will Grayson, Will Grayson vs The Other Side of The Coin

May 31, 2016

I am in love with Will Grayson, Will Grayson. It is funny and true and like Will Grayson say which has been agreed by the other Will Grayson -love and trust must go hand in hand, thats what make it possible. 

Yup, I do love and trust this book. Does that made sense? To trust a book?

Their friendship has been potrayed beautifully. I love how flawed they were and how they realize the importance of their friendship and accepting all those flaws because that what friend is. But of course, do point out the flaw and work it out together. It was actually bit hurtful that I don't have such friend.


Anyway. Just got this impulse to write. But i don't know what to really write.

Aiman Azlan part on The Other Side of The Coin has lots of marriage related writings (not that many but enough to annoyed me).

He is cool though. I like him. I've known him from the time he start vlogging. 

But I gave up reading the book not even halfway through it. Thank God it was my friend's. I told her like the book was good but the content was not all capturing my heart and stuff. She actually understood me. But she liked the book. 

I think i'm a bit relieved now due to some stress has been argued to be a waste of time and I even finished a book. How cool is tha. Though i think i am now at another stage of depress whereby i deny myself to hope so much on the turn of event.

Actually, the stress was most likely due to PMS since i've lost track of my menstrual cycle.

Does my current stress was actually pathologically stress? Me?

Damn medical related knowledge.

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