Poem: Poetry 101

Dec 10, 2016

Want to learn how I made my poems?

Sometimes I'll read some words or felt some sort of feelings especially when I read a book which makes me feel inspired to do poem. It's quite a bad poem so I am kind of feeling guilty to actually call it as a poem. Boo hoo.

I don't really know what sort of category it fell into but for general sake lets us just stick to poem.
Glad to sort that out.

There are some I want to try in this post. It will be short though. I'll try to make it rhymes as well.
For example today, let use the terms "spin the world" and "fly". I read it on some kids shirts at kenduri. I thought the two term might actually can be up to something. Something about seeing the carelessly free spirits of the kids throws the kind of vibes I want it to be.

I gotta spin the world
See what it has to offer
You gotta know something
I'm up for everything
Let's just fly across it then
Learn it all even beyond the end

Secondly, ganbatte tranlated to "hang tough". It is from a movie name Lion Standing against The Wind. It is said by this doctor founding new spirit to help the child soldiers during Sudan Civil War. I always read the translation as "fighting" or "work hard". The word "hang tough" truly fitting in since it is such traumatic experience and he literally has to hang tough.

World has so much to show
Too much to offer
It showed pain and you've seen it
Heck, it felt through as if you had it
Blood all over and it's not even yours
Blood all over and it's spilling onto the floors
But you strap your heart closer than ever
Seeing the brokens and wanting to mend
Only so much a soul can bear
Yet you hang tough though the world will continue to tear

Sometime I want to make it rhymes or have it repetiting. To get it rhymed, I'll Google it and thus has to work with what I found. If I don't found any I'll just don't make it rhymes anymore. It will also then affect how the poem would go.

Sometime I would want to say a word but the ones I had in mind don't really project what I want people to feel. I'll start looking for synonyms. I have a dictionary called "World Web" in my phone which is quite good but if O still don't found any I'll seek for Google's recommendation. But the best option would be looking into Thesaurus.com.

I like doing this really. I'm not sure why but it does made me felt accomplish.
I have just downloaded Telegram and it prompt to use their cloud storage by simply "chat with yourself". Sounded forever alone huh? Check out my Telegram background though,



  1. Keep it up dear poet :) i memang tak reti poem2 ni. anyway, Gambatte !

    1. haha, jangan fikir i actually know better. thanks for support!