Roll On: Make Peace and Renew Yourself

Dec 31, 2016

Today, I thought I'm going to try something new. Since forever, I have never cared about New Year's celebration and just treat it like a normal day. No new resolutions and hence no checking any achieved ones. I thought that if anyone wants to change or try to get something, you should start right this second. 

Of course, I have understood the urges since it gets us to reflect. The start of a brand new year, full of hopes and all new "Bajet 2017“. It surely serves as a good platform to start a change.

There is something different this time around, which has lead to this. Anyway, it is a good excuse to write this improving myself kit that I got in my head. Feels right to get it out.

I made these myself and feel free to comment if it feel wrong or you have a better idea. Help me be more awesome this year.

This is afifahaddnan Start program.

(Insert drum roll here)

Start fresh 

There are a lot of things happened this year. Not only in my own little life but the whole wide world. All of those can get us feel overwhelmed and small. There is this book I have read called Zen Life. It is a free ebook and you should really try to read it. One important thing the book have told me is that we just have to make peace with everything. Accept whatever it is you are and never condemn yourself. You can be wrong but never belittled yourself.

Accept and move on

Start to identify what you want and forget whatever you used to be. Then start working for whatever is that you want. You want to be living healthy? Forget about all the guilt comes from the eaten junk food and the extra kilos. Love all that instead! Then just believe that you can freaking do this and start living the healthy life you want. Give yourself the second, third heck the millionth chances because you always deserved it.

Start preparing

I am that girl that can live in clutter but at the next minute also a neat freak and has to have everything organized. I always love to get good strategy and be wholly prepared. 

So say you want that this year you can be more productive. Get to read articles and books on getting more productive. Jot down, like literally, WRITE IT DOWN whenever you found something that can help you be more productive. Start slow and level up accordingly. Do not ever put such high target and always notice even the smallest one. I would really suggest tracking your changes. Always have the daily to-do list and include all the things required in your life mission. Get a planner if you need to. I think a written one work like magic.

Start pushing

So now your mind all set and you plans all laid, did you get the guts?

One very important thing is that our body is just awesome. That guy that can run miles and that girl who can run a successful career, all of them generally have the same physique as you. We are just not tuned to it yet. 

There is always these issues which I found during my time at UKM. 

"She can la study all that crazy hours but I need to rest or else I'll be jammed"
"She can la run all those miles but I am so can not"
"He can la be so brave like that because that is who he is"

Peoples somehow gave this special pass to some "chosen ones" that they can but we cannot. I'm not a runner or such a geek at studying nor labelled "that kid", but I believe we can never say we can't do it. Sometimes we just have to push ourselves. So start pushing yourself now. Do more that you never thought you can. Took challenges you left before because you thought you can't do it. Do it little by little. Your body deserve to at least try it first. You owe yourself that much. If you don't feel like it at least now you can say, "been there done that" for real.

Start praying

All of this is purely physical. For outsiders to judge and markers set to be measured. It meant nothing if deep in your heart, you didn't feel it. Feel satisfied for the fights you have endured and pure happiness in the success. Feel contented and relieved. This is me talking about heart. That you have to get a good emotional and better yet, spiritual support. Feels that you changes is for the greater good. It does not have to be for all human kind or whatnot, a greater good is needed even it is only for you. Me, being a Muslim I believe that if Allah wills t, I'm having it. If I want to start being a businesswoman, I have to pray for it. I know it is sunnah and I can watch my ibadah better when I am the boss of me. Praying humbles us and gets us thinking deeper. Emotionally supporting us with the realization of our weakness and how He is all powerful. How He can be the help that we need, heck He is the only help that is. Finally, when He grant it, nothing can stop me. So, start praying. 

Start forgiving

Sometimes, well, maybe most of the time, we just don't get what we want. This is the beauty of being a Muslim, we believe that whatever the scores are, Allah set that because it is the best for us. That helped a lot to recover. But generally, things happened and we need to move on. You always got that chances to fail. That how life is. But you must know to get up right away and start fighting. Forgive yourself for your lose and weaknesses. Then restart. 

See why I called it the Start program?  


  1. It's a good advice for self improvement! Gonna apply this in my life.. Thanks for sharing.. :D

    1. your welcome, it is only my small petty thoughts but hopefully it would help!