Roll On: About Domain Name and Web Hosting Service

Feb 21, 2017


This is me studying new things because I was thinking that maybe I need my own domain but at the same time "Do I actually need it?" and then I was like; What is it anyway? 

By the way, I study about pills, not this stuff so if I delivered any wrong information do point it out.

When I was in matriculation, I learned how to publish the website by this coding. I forgot it all. IT WAS HARD but fun.

What is a domain name?

In the blogging world, a domain name is the part of a website URL that is owned by the website owner. Basically, all those websites that end with .com or .net (there are some more but I can't recall it). For example, No one can use it and make another website name 

My blog URL is and as you can see there, instead of just .com it have The domain name is afifahaddnan.blogspot because I am using Blogger to make this blog, and there will be no other afifahaddnan.blogspot as long as I am using it. However, I do not own Blogger. I'm simply using their service like how people use Facebook. Blogger thus kinda own this blog domain name. If somehow I offend Blogger, they can simply terminate my blog. However, I can use the name afifahaddnan to be made as a domain name for a new website and get to use while can still coexist.

Now, where to get a domain name?

You can't like, get it, the right term is that you have to register it. Companies with web hosting service or Internet hosting service provider or also known as domain registrar can register it for you. Like your identity card number which is unique to you, a domain name also works such way. These companies registers that name for you to an organisation named ICANN which then you have to renew it annually

Basically, after some complicated readings, this company would also allow your website to be online. I think this is more on those websites made from scratch. Since the Internet isn't really a solid place like you buying a house, you need this company with servers and stuff to allow you to have your own space on the Internet. There are more to than just making make a website available on the Internet but if you are so interested, you can read it HERE. I don't really have to read that now. 

But, like for now, my web hosting server is Blogger itself. You see now how my blog is somewhat their's?

What bloggers usually does is that they would buy/register the domain name and then do THIS  so that instead of being it will be just .com.

By doing so, we just pay the service to register our own domain name while still have Blogger to host the blog. However, it was found that Wordpress is the main choice for hosting the blog once using a personally owned domain name. That's is why some bloggers changed to Wordpress once having their own domain name.

A good example of Malaysian based company for this service is NetKL Hosting while internationally GoDaddy is kinda the big hit.

Since I have make a pledge not to write more than 500 words (this in nearing 550 words already) I'd share the reasons why I want a domain name in other entry, like next week.



  1. I used to have my own domain before. Unfortunately, when I forgot to renew it according to the given time, it couldn't be renewed. I had to pay like thousands to have my domain back :( #sadstory

    1. OMG, seriously? That is one so very true sad story.

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