Roll On: A Good To Do List

Feb 8, 2017

Did you know that an effective to-do-list must have the very first thing in a specific to do in other to have a that to-do to be done? Bhahahahahaha. I'm horrible at explaining this. It menas like you have to expand all the little works included in that one to do list.

For example, I just finished changing my blog templat, again, and now I have choose the template that I want, I just need to do some more edits here and there to have it functioning properly.

Some people might do their to-do list as #1 Finalize editing the blog.

But a better way to do it is like this

  1. Make a new about me widget
  2. Add new follower widget
  3. Add recent post widget
  4. Edit social network links
  5. Add social network widget on sidebar
  6. Add bloglist
  7. Add Instagram feeds widget
  8. Edit links for each page
  9. Add widget from GoingUp and StatCounter
  10. Add ping widget from
  11. Add Google+ widget
  12. Make 11 posts at homepage

Now you know.

and yes, I need to do all those listed works so if you didn't see all those works done on the blog and somehow it troubles you, just comment anywhere and I'll get to you.

Just FYI, it 4 am and I am seriously considering not sleeping since I'd feel so sleepy to do Subuh. I'll sleep anyway. Angah always woke me up. Heh.



  1. It looks good. Simple and get the job done

    1. Yeah, you're totally right. i was looking for functionality in my theme and this one does do the job.

  2. good luck in erasing your to-do-list one by one hihi

    1. i've been opening this post numerous times to check all the listed works. FINALLY DONE.