Roll On: My Blogging Tricks

Feb 22, 2017


I am still on track on my "A Post A Day - 7 Days Topics To Go".

This time, I want to share some blogging related stuff that I do which I deemed so very important. There are 10 tricks altogether and since I have 500 words constriction, let's get this started.


About me Page

I learned this somewhere (I can't recall the blog) and quickly did one HERE. It also stated to put a good whole body shot. It helps to build credibility and branding as well. Beforehand, I read some examples from Erin Azmir, S P I T O U T K A T A and Atheera Dayana to help me write one. Even for those who want to remain anonymous, it's good for the reader to understand the kind of personality behind your writing. 

Search box

While in UKM, we have this seminar on publishing a good website organised by Pharmaline (our yearly published faculty magazine). One of the advice given that stuck on my mind since that is kinda the only one that I didn't have on my blog is a Search box. Over time I also learned how difficult it is when I want to find specific post but forgot the title since the blog didn't have a Search box. 

Blog's Archive and Sitemap

I think we can make Sitemap optional but a Blog's Archive is a big must have. Same reason with having a Search Box as it help to navigate better and it is always nice to be able to assess how frequent the blog is updated and how long have you been blogging as well as, if you use the hierarchy's type, the kind of topic your write all on one simple widget.

Multiple Account on Major Websites

This is kinda because I hate when I comment somewhere and it has that weird icon instead of my face. I am totally in love with myself. So I have a Disqus, WordPress (yes, I don't have a WordPresss blog pon) and even Bloglovin account. Since I am riding full on Google+, I can smoothly comment on those Google+ commenting system. It also helps you to easily find more interesting blogs to blog walk.

Some Easy Way to Leave Track

You must understand that not everyone would enjoy your blog and sometimes were just doing quick visits only, so you can't expect to always leave a comment as a meant on leaving tracks. Not to mention, it is annoying when people comment out of context. With that, have a chatbox or those Contact Form widget

Google Analytic

Those Stats on Blogger is utter bullshit because it will always track your own pageviews no matter how many times you tick that "Don't track my pageviews" box and they lack lots of cool assessment that you can achieve by using Google Analytic. It is free so don't worry. 

Ping service

Why? For the traffic of course! I'm using since it is Malaysian based. If you know more ping services based in Malaysia, DO SHARE. Funnily, since I am always late at knowing what is hot in Malaysia, this widget actually helps.


Since I am writing in English and hate to recheck, I have Grammarly to help me. You can have it synced with your browser so everything you type on your browser will be automatically checked by Grammarly. As I am using the free version, it checked any misspelt words and simple grammar errors only but it is more than enough. It even corrects my double spacing.

That is also how I counted the words on my blog.

SimpleNote and ShareIt

Both of these applications can be found in Google Play store and also can be downloaded into your laptops. They help me to synced things in my smartphone into my laptop. Since I always have my smartphone everywhere, I would write my poems and even parts of my entry into SimpleNote and it would be automatically synced into my laptops. Next, just copy and paste! ShareIt is used so that I can easily transfer the pictures and file from my smartphone into my laptop. I hate those USB cables and my Bluetooth connection was damn slow.


It is also good if you have tags for your posts. Categorised it especially if you write lots of random stuff. That way when anyone went into your blog they can scroll through the tags section and just click on tags that seem to interest them.

That is all folks!

What's your best trick up on that sleeve?

(776 words, *insert awkward laugh here*)


  1. Saya tak banyak sangat benda dalam blog sebab saya memang suka blog saya simple. Saya nak tambah about me dengan sitemap tapi tak pandai. Last2 tinggal gitu jerlah.

    Jom masuk bloglist saya,

    1. Laen orang laen caranya, insyaALLAH join :D

  2. Wow, never kne about, i think it'll be quite handy. and cikgu, ur about me was ohsem. Thumbs up. :D

  3. I use grammarly to check my entries too and I write my entries on Ulysses, an app that focus on free distraction writing.

  4. It's kinda amazing to know you had wordpress acoount, only for commenting. And i do agree that blogger stats is untrustable at all.. haha..

    1. Hehe, I told you I hate not seeing my face. It didn't take that much work and totally worth it.

  5. nais gila grammarly tuuu. boleh guna untuk buat assingment nanti..

    1. I'm glad my post can be some help to you :)