Roll On: What Drives Me To Do Better

Feb 16, 2017


For some unknown reason, these themes won't have dates stamped on the posts. So I aim to write the date before any new entry. I also loved writing deep thought kind of post but it took so much from me - time, thinking process, more time. It does end up being super long. With that, I would also aim to write such post with less than 500 words. Especially if the post would include mainly words.

Another post for my writing challenge!

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With all the hardwork I've thrown in this blog, it is actually one of the examples of me being better. 

Yes, I'm not becoming anything famous. It has always been put on hold because I always tend to other things first. But it is still here and I still passionately write because I care about all the work I have given to it for the past six years. I care about how blogging helps me to develop myself towards the better. That is actually the one main reason what keeps me doing better. Because I care about myself so much.

Never thought his campaign would be relevant to my post
At the end of the day, I realize everything I do, the good ones or the bad ones, it would all come back to me. I'll be happy and I'll be the broken ones and that is the fuel that keeps me thinking whatever I do, I should only do it for myself. I should do it in full awareness that I, myself need it. Even when I'm helping others, I keep on thinking to be somewhat best at it because I am not doing it for them, I'm doing it for me. 

One easy way to look at this is because "always becoming better" is something a Muslim must do. However, even with that being the best drive to do better, peoples always look for more reasoning. Lemme tell you that doing better itself helps us become more positive and have a vibrant energy. It is truly addicting because when you become better at something, you would notice how happy it made you.

Most of us may don't want to be better because it is pure work, work, and work. But please, try it once and feel how it can empower you to do more when you know how euphoric the results are and most importantly how it is freaking doable. 

You see, now it become this positive chain reaction. Doing better helps you realize that things you thought you cannot do but finally you have done it and it made you feel happy will then influence you to do more. and more. and more.

That's it. What drive me to do better?

  1. Because I love myself
  2. Because it is what Muslim must do.
  3. Because it made me happier
  4. Because being better itself drives me to do better.
But sometimes, you gotta still need to push yourself hard and at those time I'll try to remember this drives because what drives me are also the reason why I have to be better.

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  1. About the dates, probably you could check it by clicking the layout -> blog post section and check if you had tick for the dates to appear.. hehe..

    What drives me better? Life and humanity.. hehe

    1. I've tried it a few times and actually try again when you suggest this. it still won't work.