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Dec 28, 2016

Bloglist Segmen: Misi Pencarian Bloglist MYiDEAKiNi 2017

It was suppose to be a simple good morning to start this post but as I am typing the words, this scene come to mind and I am just a sucker for Supernatural. SOURCE.

I thought, in the spirit of wanting to be somewhat a blogger, I should have a bloglist. However, since I also need to up my traffic, I come to this conclusion: Joining as much as bloglist segmen available and if I get any, those blog's host would be in my bloglist as well. Some thing like to make me more rajin because I like seeing something I want to be many, like many posts of me joining bloglist segment. It felt accomplished somehow.

If I did not win any, I would just put any blog. I got some in mind.

I just found this blog and thought it is quite an interesting blog.

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Pray for me?

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  1. Assalamualaikum... Terima kasih sudi join Segmen MYiDEAKiNi, sila semak senarai penyertaan yer. Semoga berjaya & Terima kasih :)