Eating Manjung : ManJunk Grill and BBQ

Mar 26, 2017

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ManJunk Grill is among the few independently owned places in Seri Manjung that serve burgers with actual meat patty instead of those frozen ones that usually can be found in typical burger stall (by few I mean I only knew two places and the other one is KopeePaste). A friend of mine told us about it as it is apparently owned by some seniors of ours during highschool - which I don't know. Well.

It is a simple stall with grill and located just beside Raahath Restaurant (previously called Icy Scoop Restaurant, and if you are from Seri Manjung, it is that kedai mamak beside that small clearing usually filled with people selling lemang during Eid's).

Our little feast ~

More pictures of people ordering from them and eat it inside the restaurant by checking Instagram for #manjunkgrillandbbq
Sadly, some of these aren't available - ie the nachos and tandoori's ones

The burgers we order were the smallest one (100g) and as the tandoori burger isn't available I choose the original burger, same with Angah. Nabila got herself the meatball with black pepper sauce while Natrah has grill chicken chop.

So, how was it?

First of all, the burgers were quite delicious. The bbq sauce (or is it black pepper sauce?) was amazing and the portion was filling enough. I'm pretty sure the bread was something like normal brands one but it is so soft and has a sweet taste like those potato bread. However, the burger's patty was not flavoured enough to my liking, even with the delicious bbq sauce. It is good but I'm used to the idea that a burger's meat has to be nicely flavoured. Like the ones in Burger Bakar Abang Burn. 

The meatball was the normal frozen one's so there is not much to talk about except that of course, the delicious sauce, yet again. I am so in love with the sauce they use. As you can see, they put mashed potatoes with the meatball as well. 

The star of the night is that grill chicken chop. I love everything about it. The grilled meat is moist and juicy and of course the delicious sauce. I'm also liking the sweet corn so much, I mean it is just corn but putting it with the chicken made the dish more fun.

The more important thing we must consider here is that, how is it that cheap??

I'm definitely coming again or maybe just have it delivered since they have also had their own delivery service. Isn't it great? Good foods and no work.

Now I gotta prepare dinner. Meh~


  1. rupa paras nampak sedap dah tu

  2. Telan liur, sebab mai memang suka burger dari nasi. haha.

  3. Weiiii terlioqqqqq aduiiii... Bhahahahaha.. Oh, ada burger bakar kat manjung erh. Dah try dah runningman cafe yang kat sitiawan tu? Teringin nak pergi, tapi tak tahu dah ada halal cert ke belum. :(

    1. Dia bukak baru!dekat sitiawan jugak. yg tu confirm halal but tak cuba lagiiiii.