Roll On: 15 Blogging Facts - more like guilty pleasure confessions

Mar 8, 2017

Since I am a bit depressed from how I hate the works needed to get myself a new template and how this current template does not speak "me", I am doing this.

I should just sleep it off but I am waiting for the songs being burn into the CD so that I could go on and burn more songs into another CD - as you can see, I am blabbering.

Some of the facts would be confessions in my blogging times which I think a bit of like mean? I don't know, why don't you be the judge for it?


I wonder if anyone would actually hate me after reading this. Hate is such a strong word, maybe "unlike" me?

#1 Sometimes, when I saw the comments for the newest updates I have written being a bit not as enthusiastic as when I write the post - I held it from being published since it kinda brings me down.

#2 For #1, I knew sometimes I just been over-reacting but if I published it, I would not have the most enthusiastic heart to reply it and it would look just weird not replying it.

#3 I start to blog after SPM.

#4 Actually, almost all of my 400++ Blogger followers that I have now was due to those intense and overly excited me blogging when I was 17/18 years old. I am quite sure most of those followers weren't active anymore.

#5 I started writing in English since matriculation which means around 2011.

#6 Believe it or not, all those times during my studies, which is up until 10 months ago, I wasn't an active Blogger. I write but for the sheer means of sharings my experience online as I never found any Blogger I feel that I could "click" thus I rarely do any blog walking. The ones I always like were too busy to notice me like Maria Elena and Hanis Zalikha.

#7 Happily and rather excitingly I have now found Bloggers that I sincerely enjoy and the ones I liked the most is those on my blog list. I use to put this one blog which isn't really my cup of tea but I put it anyway since I win a spot on her blog list. Glad to be able to delete it.

#8 If you notice, all the listed blogs were in English. It's not like I am being some A-hole only choosing the ones who write in English, it just that my soul prefers my reading materials to be in English. 

#9 I start to write poetry on my blog last year when I realise I like it and of course because the poems felt to be something more to it when I published it on my blog.

#10 I actually now have a blog dedicated especially for poetry only.

#11 Since I love doing poetry now, I even have a blog list for it. That "awesomeness" was my other blog - it is on WordPress.

#12 I'm very selective. I only follow blogs that I sincerely enjoy even if the person all of the sudden starts following me. Guess what, I also follow the updates of some bloggers who writes in Bahasa that I enjoy reading, it just that I didn't prefer it enough to be on my blog list.

#13 I used to be rather actives in blogging group which can be found in Facebooks, But since I made up my mind to write in English, it kinda puts my blogs of such market thus I never cared about it anymore. However, those group used to be fun, but now people just spams and to make it worse, all those shared blogs have never tempted me.

#14 I hate my current template

#15 I know I say this a lot - that I love Supernatural thus one of the reason why there is always a Supernatural gif into my entries (bear in mind I only start being a Supernatural fan for two years now). But actually, the main reason I always have those gifs are because it was a branding effort. I want to leave an impression of being "that blogger who like Supernatural". 

You think it easy to find relatable gifs and give CREDIT to each of it?
p/s: Does my branding effort succeed, though? Do you hate me now?


  1. I don't mind you not replying my comments lol.
    #12 is so me. I followed blogs that I want to read only

    1. Awwww, thank you for not minding. :)

  2. #1 and #2: I can relate that.. sometimes they excite but I just didn't feel like approving it? haha..

    #3, #13 Give me 5!! Well, I had left all those blogging group since it's not fun to be there anymore.. hmm..

    1. That group thing is really fun during it's good times isn't it? it was such a great support as well.