Roll On: January and February All Wrapped Up.

Mar 8, 2017

If I'm not mistaken, I have finished my degree some time in July '16 which makes it eight months now. Last night, as I rechecked my messages to find some phone number, I realized one of the pharmacy that I apply for work actually texted me so that we can set up an interview date.

It was sent last November.

I know right.

Anyway, I thought I should do this to recap what have been in my life in 2017 as times seems to fly so fast yet it's not like I do anything. Haha. *insert awkward silence here*.


  • We have been to Puchong twice. Is it thrice? I'm not sure. Thank God the school just started or else it would so tiring for Nabila and Natrah to keep on going back to Puchong on weekend.
  • Natrah start schooling in normal government school so after few trips to the school and PPD on December, Natrah successfully start her new school right on the first day. Yay.
  • I started to realize how petty it is to have to figure out what exactly we want to eat everyday. It was easier when Walid simply bought the fishes and I decided what works best for that particular fish. #typicalhousewifeproblemmuch?
  • It start to feel so mundane to clean house, do the laundry, cook, tends to both Natrah and Nabila and repeat
  • To actually take care of house bills and the loan payment for the cars made me realize it is not cheap having a family.
  • Having to look after Walid's palm oil business - just secretarial work only - also made me realize is it so expensive to have a family.
  • Blogging start to really felt so much fun now.
  • We went to Jitra to pick up Muslim and I drove!
  • There are six of us at homes and I feel so blessed.
  • We tries out some new eating places.
  • Somehow my acne worsen. Urghh.
  • During Chinese New Year holiday, around the end of January and the beginning of February, my relatives stay with us for four days and we have such a great time.
  • I watched lots of movies to pass times.


  • The mundane life continues but it felt better knowing that I am the one who cares for them as I know how mak will. It felt even better to know whom are Nabila and Natrah befriends with and how the school is. One year of matriculation and four years of degree takes me away from them.
  • Muslim due back to Jitra early February but a family friend sent him so we didn't went to Jitra again.
  • Nadia went back to UM as well. Mehh~ But we manage to go for a picnic at Lata Ulu Licin before she went back.
  • We went to Lumut on weekends, for two consecutive weekend, to play the bicycle.
  • How petty I thought my daily schedule is, Nabila had it worse. She practically only home around 2.45pm and after lunch, took a bath and rest a bit, it is Asar already and almost most of the time she knew she didn't have much time to work on her homework at night so she have to do some in the evening. Not to mention her koko thingy and taekwondo class. I pity the kids who have to go to extra tuition classes!
  • We try some more new places to eat and I finally sent the fabric Mak Pah gave us to be made into baju kurung.
  • I knew that we don't have anything much to do on February so I took the chance to challenge myself to do "A Post A Day - 7 Days Topics To Go" and "Cooking Plan For The Whole Week".
  • I tried to cook some new things I never cooked before - or have cooked it but failed miserably so this is like another try.
  • Watch some more movies and start to discover the so called must-watch;- Batman trilogies were awesome, Ghibli Studios animation are charming as always and I don't find myself fancy Indiana Jones since the storyline even though are great but it is such a slow-paced movies. I loved Lara Croft though.
  • Some of my friends were going for a vacation at Pangkor Island so we get to spend some time together.
  • I start to dedicate a page for all my poetry and shortstories as well as starting a new segment call "Let's Eat Manjung". I have two more places to share but I'm just don't feel like it yet.

I have so much free time.

and now it's March.


  1. Banyak benda jadi dalam masa 2 bulan ek. Syoknya afifa banyak free time. Sekarang, rindu masa free2 gitu. Huhu.

    Best gak kadang2 join cabaran blogging. Ada gak topik nak update blog. Tambah lagi masa datangnya writer's block :D

    1. nothing really happens ponnnnnn. cabaran tu actually reka sendiri sbb nak cabar diri supaya keeps on updating but at the same times nak tulis topics yg saya nak jadi tak pakai la writing challenge apa.

  2. Wow u still remember all the memories . Kalau saya, memang da tak ingat dah. Just have a list on my plan. Ini mesti ada tulis diari nikan.. Hehehe anyway nice entry. :)

    1. Actually I didn't wrote any diary. This blog is my diary. I'm quite amazed by my memories but the ones I remembered were main events amongst all mundane thing so that's maybe why I can recalls it.