Part Two: Let's Do This

Mar 9, 2017

One thing for sure, she always despises morning. She thought that the best remedy is to have a good cause that would make her woke up with excitement. Such good cause has never happened. She would trudge herself to the bathroom, entirely working on automatic, took a quick shower and do her Subuh prayer. Even after all that her body just relentlessly wanting to be on the bed right away and it is only after she gets her caffeine fix for the day that she would start be thinking clearly. Screw addiction.

The house is quiet. Mum must be reading the Quran in her room. Mum always read in low voice. She would miss how soothing it sound when she has not been home for long. 

She just starts her semester break yesterday. It was supposed to be a week of laying around and just be with mum before she starts looking for a part time job. Not until some advertisement, her roommate found saying that this boutique she loved was looking for a part time personal chauffeur. Funnily, it specifically said that they need a female university student and only last for as long as the said student were on semester break. The money is good and all accommodation would be provided if they need to go for few days trip. She went for the interview and was only asked for her identity card number before a female interviewer named Maria asked her some personality questions? It was like they need a specific kind of personality and was good when was told she do not even own a car.
Today is the day that she is going to start hew new job. 

"Why are you all dressed up?"
"Mum, I start my work today. Remember?"

Mum looked so surprised. She must have forgotten it. Well, she did not forget stuff but every now and then she would forget some random things which she found endearingly funny. 

"Really?? I didn't prepare any breakfast for you! What time should you go? It starts at 9 am right?"

Mum quickly glanced at the clock only to realise she did not have any time to prepare anything. She was panicking.

"It's okay mum. I'll just grab some sandwich on the way. It's going to be half an hour ride with the bus to that place so I'll just eat on the bus"

She held her mum hand and squeezed it a little to comfort her. Her mum squeezed her hand back and sit beside her at the small dining table. 

"I'm sorry"
"You don't have to, I've been missing the sandwich on Baker's Bee for the longest time"
"No, I mean, for you to have to work like this"
"Mum, you know that I hated it when you say things like that"

Her mum kisses her forehead and stay a second longer before letting go.

"I love you"
"I love you more, mum"


Morning had not been her forte. Moreover, she loved to spend her morning peacefully or in another word, sluggishly. She would take an entire half and hour just to have a breakfast. Not including the time that she would spend to make one. Maria had truly outdone herself as when she had finally agreed to choose that condominium as her new home, Maria had Tesco sending her groceries. She is such a good PA. 

She was halfway through her breakfast, cross-legged on the floor by the two-meter high glass panel. There is still half an hour before 9. 

It would be quite a day today.


The condominium is of sleek and modern design that she seriously doubt is anything family material. The security was thorough. She had to actually showed her IC and the guard took some time to check something on the PC which then she realised he was doing a facial recognition by referring to a passport photo she sent together in her resume. The safety is too thorough for her own comfort but the staffs were very warm with welcoming smiles and kind eyes. She still has five minutes before nine. 

She had no idea what her new employer would look like and Maria had told that it is okay since her new employer would recognise her instead so she just have to wait in the lobby. 

At exactly 9 am a woman probably in her mid-twenties with a plain black baju kurung matched with a colourful flower motif on her shawl approached her.

"Yes, that's me"

Tihani mustered up a confident aura though she feels a bit insecure realising that she is a small time girl and in front of her is a big hit. Well, she did not know much about her except for how she is one of the biggest names in Malaysia fashion industry, but just having her in front surely give an audacious vibe. Even in a simple baju kurung with a flower motif shawl.  

"Nice to meet you, I'm Raudhah, and you're gonna drive me all day long today"

She smiles a cheery smile that Tihani swear makes her younger at least by three years old.