Roll On: Burning Quran, Babysitting on MRT, Good Foods with Enraging Acne

Mar 23, 2017

I went to my relative home at Puchong for five days and sometime during that, I wrote some poems. It felt so damn good to feel inspired to write those.


Anyway, since I am a bit excited to be writing I thought I would share some stuff happened during the time. It took us five days and it is only that long since we also wanted to visit other relatives nearby. We actually extend another day so that we can pick up our aunts from the airport. They've been in Langkawi to do a little bonding time with our relatives there and of course, vacationing.

Burning Quran

I have done a massive cleaning in this house and even though I have donated and threw way most of the unused clothes, I didn't have much choice on old books containing Quran verses. Some of it were the kid's books, the majority of it are old books that we didn't really use anymore and of course the Yasin we kept on getting as door gift during kenduri. We found a place in Cheras that provide such service and it cost RM10 per kilogramme (read about them HERE). However, if it is an Al Quran it cost RM6 per kilogramme. We also bring some books from my relatives here as well and all of it weighed exactly 7kg. They also burn ornaments having Al-Quran verses and cost around RM5 for a palm size plaque (I didn't ask about another type of ornaments). They opened from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 6 pm.

The logs used for burning. They have their own furnace and all.

The place is just beside the road.

Our stuff. They were two middle-aged ladies tending to us at the time.

Babysitting on MRT

Since the MRT extension located near my relatives house, I brought my two sisters who had never got a chance to ride a train to finally ride it for the first time. We took my cousin's children along and only went about five stations. I am the only one available to "babysit" them and I am so close to actually get a heart attack that I had the kids to stand far away from the trail. We need to wait around 5 minutes thus I took the kids to walk the length of the station so that we can see the busy road under us from both sides. It was like an actual school visit.

So damn high

My IG story that I made into a gif. Loot at me gif-ing things. Wootwoot.

Good foods

I was going to say I'm sorry for not taking enough pictures to share about my awesome food adventure but I'm not sorry at all because I swore I just dig in like nobody business. It is so good. First of all, I get to eat this Nasi Kukus Malaya Ayam Cincang Puchong which I fall in love with it from the first bite. My cousins didn't think it tasted that good though but there are 1669 Likes oN their Facebook page so that gotta mean something right? I still love it. 

The next day, we went to my aunt house in Shah Alam for lunch which she has agreed to cook us her famous Nasi Daging Air Asam. It is my first time eating it really and I like it so much. I got a thing for simple comfort dish and the air asam was a perfect match. The next day we went to our other relatives for lunch and there were regular dishes like tomyam and masak lemak with pineapples but her cook is always so good that it made me excited from the day before. 

Since my aunt has returned from her Langkawi trip and she knew we were there also, she bought extra CHOCOLATES. Not to mention, I love her fried chicken, like I don't why but her fried chicken is always my favourite, and this time she cuts it into small bits and we were supposed to eat it with rice and all but I munch it like a snack. I'm dead.

I also took the chance to meet some of my friend who lived in KL for some bonding time and made them eat at Dubuyo because I kinda have a craving for bibimbap. I mixed the vegetables, eggs and chicken well and savour each crunch so gratefully. 

I have a thing for bibimbap as well. 

I have a thing for food, in general.

We even went for some doughnuts after that.

We pick the so-called top six doughnuts and seriously Mister Donut, those the rate made by Japanese or is it just me?
The doughnut is good but somehow the plain ones got to the top of the chart. Love me some chocolate topping.

Oh, I finally went to eat at Seoul Garden! It is still as plain as ever but I to be able to eat Pepsi float, potato salad, mixed vegetables salad, BBQ chicken, some shells, some sushi, cocktail and a good hot white coffee in one sitting made me feel so happy, and a little bit sick.


I know it's good that an 11 years old kid can understand and speak their mind but Nabila opinions on Seoul Garden is not that fun made me feel like asdf8ghkk# I have to pay almost rm40 for you okayyy so just be a good, grateful kid pLEASE.

Enraging Acne

I notice that my acne would worsen if I didn't start to be extra with my skin routine but it literally raging a day before going to Puchong that it scared the heck out of me. I knew my period is approaching but it was way too bad for a mere period pimples. It tone down a bit now but still, I am much depressed by it. I was hoping to soothes it so that I can start wearing the scar gel. 

I'm sad~

Anywayyy, I gotta start updating my poetry blog.


  1. Didn't know such place for burning Quran verse exists! Should ask my dad where he took our old Quran to hmm. Haha.
    Bestnya dapat chocolte from Langkawi! But I thought your aunt went to Langkawi for LIMA.
    Have a nice next five days afifah :)

    1. LOL, they couldn't care less about LIMA but during their flight back, they got delayed because of LIMA so they could see some performance then.

  2. Okay now you made me craving for seoul garden and even it's not mentioned, seeing the korean foods reminds me of Myeondong Topokki.. urghhh... I've never been to mrt too and waiting for the mrt station nearby to be done.. hehe

    1. Two of my friends were really a korean food enthusiast so they ordered topokki as well! I was like, come on the rice is quite a lot how could you guys even thought to order topokki. It was good though.

  3. Im hungry looking all the food.. ahahaha.

  4. Tak tahu kat area rumah ada tak tempat pelupusan Al-quran macam tu. Bagusnya. I'm craving Seoul Garden/steamboat. argghhhh. hahah.