Roll On: 7 Day of Blogging & Cooking

Mar 4, 2017

It has been almost a week from the week which I challenge myself to do constant blog update and cooking for the whole week - ie, the "A Post A Day - 7 Days Topic To Go" and "Cooking Plan For The Whole Week"

I have never done that before and it felt so good to actually finishes it!


This post is dedicated for a wrap-up and/or analysis report.


I totally forgot to take any pictures and only realises it halfway through lunch. Haha. So it turn out we got three kind of fishes which is - ikan curut, the head of ikan nyok nyok (cut into two) and ikan tenggiri. I do make curry for lunch but I didn't fry more fishes at night as we skipped dinner. We ate keropok ikan (chips made from fish) given by my friend in the evening and got full.

I wrote my review on Lemboy Restaurant and later asked my sisters for the pictures she had taken when she went there with her friends. I still didn't upload the picture, though. I like Lemboy but due to the crowd, I'm not sure when will I go there again.

Ikan curut

Ikan nyok nyok

Ikan tenggiri, well, obviously written there

Since on Monday, I have cooked extra gravy for the curry, I just heat it back and fry some more fishes today. The kangkung we bought on Monday is a lot, so I kept some and cook it today for lunch as well. So, I didn't follow the plan for today. You see, I wrote in my journal on my progress and literally write we ate kicap for dinner. I don't even remember I made any kicap (soy sauce) related food for the week since I'm not a fan of it,

Still forgot to take any pictures.

I wrote about what I learn on buying domains and hosting service etc. I still have so much to learn and to be frank, I still didn't recheck that post because I knew there would be loopholes and I would be itching to rewrite it.

For today, we supposed to make masak cuka (vinegar) but I only realised on this day that we got ikan nyok nyok and we always make masak lemak cili api out of it. That is how we ended up eating masak lemak cili api instead. At night, I made masak tiga rasa out of the other half of the ikan nyok nyok head since Angah requested it.

I wrote about blogging tricks and initially, it was supposed to be "you should do this because it is good tips". Later I realise, I have some preferences which some bloggers didn't, so I changed it into what I do as a blogger instead. 

Guess what, I took pictures!

for some unknown reason, those japanese cucumber always taste fresher than the common cucumber.

For lunch, I made laksa since there are lots of ikan curut left. There are likes eight or nine of them so the gravy becomes rather thick as I don't want to make too much gravy and end up throwing it. It tasted good, my sisters say so, not me. I want that laksa mee instead of the common laksa beras but has mistakenly bought a different one. It still have the consistency of a laksa mee but with flat structure. It's not even mee sanggul. I'm not sure what it really is. I didn't took notes on what we have for dinner but all the fishes have finished so, YAY!

I think I make fried rice with meat for dinner.

I shared about my bad habits today and it was a real quick and short update but nonetheless, a rather fun topic to write out.

Thick huh? But I actually love it that way.


The dreaded day has come, I become so lazy. I cooked canned sardines for lunch. Yeah. But, I still cook mee bandung for dinner and my sisters say it tasted good. It does, I'm not self-praising but to get it good for the first time and sincerely, it is hard to find good mee bandung today so I am just so happy.

I explain on how I have improved my English games and it has been a delighted topic for me since I always loved English.

By the way, this is a very exhaustive post and now my shoulder starts to hurt. I have been on the computer for more than an hour now. Two days left only so I'm am going on.

I put meat because I love meat. 


You see, since I have been using some vegetables for the condiments in laksa and mee bandung, there are few vegetables left so I choose to cook paprik today instead. It is really an easy dish and we just throw everything in. The dish was more than enough for us but since paprik always tasted good with omelettes, we made an omelette as well. However, I put too much water so it becomes a bit runny. I should put some corn flour to thicken it but oh well.

I shared some free e-books which are actually quite amazing since I only share this kind of stuffs if it made me excited so go freaking read it NOW.

No, we don't put pak choy into paprik but hentam sajalah.


Ah, the final day finally. We are supposed to make stuffed cencaru but I freaking accidentally blended everything thoroughly so it become like sambal cencaru instead. Haha. For dinner, we have bihun tomyam using the tomyam paste that my friend asked me to try. It is so good.

I end the week stating the reason why I would want to get myself my own domain but now I didn't really feels like it anymore.

Everyone was so excited to use chopstick for every noodle dishes. Heh.

The paste that she gave me

That's a wrap!

Now I'm hungry.


  1. Congratulations on completing the challenges..! Well I might miss out some stuff but I'll get back to it later.. haha.. Anyways, first time dgr ikan nyok nyok and ikan curut.. Tengok gambar pun still takleh tangkap lg ikan tu mcm mne.. hehe..

    1. haha, I've tried to put pictures at least. Do check them out!

  2. Ikan nyot nyot memang wujud rupanya. Ingatkan kitorang dekat hostel je yg panggil ikan nyot nyot. Haha

    1. first time dengar ayah cakap pon macam ape benda nama pelik pelik ikan ni

  3. all the food looks so delicious.

    btw, new header looks awesome xD

    1. thanks for saying it looks good since I have been doing lazy jobs to capture the photos. I made the header using canva, it's a pre designed template actually.